BBags in Indonesia?

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  1. hey all,
    i'm on a bbag hunt in Indonesia at the moment and finding it pretty much impossible...
    I know OnPedder used to stock them but I was disappointed to see none...
    Would anyone have any info on this?
  2. Hey,.you could find some in Seibu (the Grand Indonesia mall)..They use to ave quite a good selection of bbags in the handbag department..I am not sure which level though..
  3. friend informed me the same thing too. Seibu at Grand Indonesia mall. But personally, I would get them from overseas.
  4. Thanks ladies, I'll go check it out soon.
    I've tried to look in Sydney, all I know is Cosmopolitan Shoes but I hear it's just as overpriced?
    Or must I wait until I go to Europe in September :P
  5. If you don't mind the crazy prices in S'pore, you might want to call Bal SIN & see if they ship to you. I asked for a friend before & the SA said yes. +65 67338270 is their number. Bal BKK has quite a huge selection when I was there not too long ago so that's probably another place to look at. GL!
  6. Or you can call them from bal shops in US and get it shipped to you
  7. omg.. i didn't know we can find it in Indonesia.
    Pls let me know the pricing and stock, especially GGH
    I am heading there end of the month!
  8. I went to Cosmopolitan shoes once in a while, but I have never bought any Bbags from there. I always get mine shipped from US :P.

    I am heading to London and Paris in April. Will inform if I see anything "interesting" there :smile:.
  9. Brumeux, sorry I can't help any further as last time I went back to Jakarta was last year in Feb and the Grand Indonesia mall was still half empty at that time :sad:.

    Maybe other girls that live in Jakarta could help you? And enjoy your trip to Jakarta ;). I miss the food there :nuts:.
  10. no worries.
    I'll try to get time dropping by the new mall.
    Will report when I do.
    i believe the price won't be as attractive as US or Europe, but with the higher USD and SGD .. I have little hope for miracle here
  11. You can buy Balenciaga bags in Club 21 Jakarta, as they are the official agent /importer of bbags. But I find their prices to be rather expensive. Don't buy in Singapore because Singapore prices are even higher than the ones in Indonesia. Usually I just buy from reseller boutiques since their prices are better. HTH!
  12. may i know where Club 21 jakarta is located at?
    and the reseller you mentioned about, is it singapore reseller or jakarta ones?
  13. Club 21 is in Kemang Raya 45.
  14. thanks, miss_av
  15. Hey ladies,
    I called up Club 21 and asked for what giant city is available (that's what i'm after, sorry didn't ask for other styles)
    They said in GH, there's a yellow (price Rp.16,500,000 if I remember exactly) and in SH, there's a fuschia and one other color, sorry I can't remember.
    So I guess it would be an idea to call them