Bbags in Hot Humid Climates...How do they weather?

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  1. Greetings from Tokyo Narita Airport....I am in Asia for the next 3 weeks and would like to know if it's ok to carry my bbags in the hot humid and often rainy Asian climates. I remember Celia Hsih saying that it was not good for bbags in another thread...

  2. It's realllly humid where I live - usually 100% in the summer & my bbags are doing fine [I've been back home for a month].
  3. Thanks Verty!
  4. i am in HK and its sooo humid now.. even though Day can be hands free, your sweaty arms might still get in contact with the leather..
  5. I've been in Asia for the past month and my bbags have been doing fine, it has rained everyday, but I just make sure I have something to put her (hee hee my bag) in if I do have to dash out otherwise I just stay put until it stops raining. Sweat has not been an issue as I have mostly been indoors and the places I've been to have literally been over airconditioned!
  6. hello hello :flowers:....... i live in Manila, Philippines........ how much more humid can you get, it's summer here all year long:sweatdrop:....... although i've only had my bbag for only 2 months (and have carried her everyday), even got caught in the rain once, but no problems whatsoever:okay:........... i don't see why you can't carry her in any type of weather:tup:

  7. I live in a climate that has cold, dry winters and I have had problems with the paint on the handles cracking & chipping, so I think higher humidity might be better for bbags!!!
  8. I agree with fiatflux. Same with human skin, I think the humidity is much better for leather.
  9. it's really hot and humid here in bangkok...the if that's not already rains a lot lately too!!

    and my bbags are still fine!!! yours should be ok too....don't worry too much, enjoy your stay in asia!! :smile:
  10. Like e_pinpin said, it's humid here in Phuket too (south of Thailand) but all my beloved BBags are fine:yes:
  11. ^A little off topic here, but...Thai Friend, you live in Phuket??? That's my ultimate dream vacation spot! It looks so beautiful there! Okay, sorry, back to topic!
  12. I agree 100%. My bags tend to get dry in the winter when the humidity is lower.
  13. i live in the hot and humid singapore and my bbag is fine!
  14. I've carried my bbags in the extremely hot & humid Mexico(during summer time), in Hawaii, and now I'm in Australia(humid as well). My bags are totally fine. I even carry mine in rain after scotchguarding them, and I've never had any problems! They're tough babies:tup: