bbags in barcelona and madrid?

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  1. I want to buy the hobo (day?) (idk exactly which color... deciding between two blues, brown (not the dark one the lighterish one) and navyish/that dark blue).

    I'm in barcelona, and went to santa eulalia (found on the locations sticky thread) and they only have it in white and I know thats a bad idea!! I'm sooo clumsy. The SA called for me to see if they could get it for me (in a brown that they had the big hobo in) and he said they couldn't. It was so sad because I got really excited when he called.. :crybaby:

    I'm also going to Madrid this weekend. Does anyone know of other stores that sell bbags (hobos!) in barca or madrid that might have other colors?

    I absolutely NEEED that bag now. Thanks ladies!
  2. Hi there! I got these listings from --

    Ekseption; 34.91.577.4353

    Santa Eulalia (Barcelona) +34 932 150 674
    Just One (Jorge Juan 15, Madrid)

    I hope you're able to find the Hobo that you want! Good luck...