Bbags in

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  1. I just saw that is selling a blue bowling for $895 and there are also other bbag styles. Quite frankly, I almost fell off my chair! Bbags at amazon??? who would have guessed!
  2. be careful, bbags are only supposed to be sold only by authorized dealers and almost never directly online
  3. good point bal newbie
  4. I'm always a bit wary of websites like amazon or blue-fly. I know Blue-fly has been cleared of selling fakes but it's kinda like the sheep-that-cried-wolf-syndrome. Also, isn't there section on Amazon where independent sellers can list their bags? Kinda like ebay?

    Personally to me the savings of a couple hundred isn't worth the doubt. I'd rather just buy it from a official department store or BalNY and the piece of mind knowing that it's 10000% authentic.:yes:
  5. She's right, many of the sellers are independent and I have seen a lot of fakes for sell at Amazon. Please be careful before buying a bag through that site.
  6. Beware!!! My co-worker bought a black city from Amazom and was told it was being sold directly from them and not a seller....When it arrived it was an obvious FAKE with wrong bales, numbers were all wrong and all!!! Horrible!!! How do they get a way with this???
  7. I think there are too many places for the companies to police, and the cost of doing it would be prohibitive. I guess it's a balancing act as to cost/benefit. Ebay and the ease of it and the global reach seems to have become too much for the TM owners to bear, so some of them finally acted. They want to protect their trademarks and not lose all those customers to fake sellers, but they can't do it all. They do warn, if you ask the corporate people who deal with counterfeits, that there is no authorized on-line selling. People make their own choices. I won't be surprised if there will be some who respond that they got totally great, real bags from Amazon, and maybe they did. I get in enough trouble buying too much- I don't need any additional problems.
  8. Actually, they were selling fakes. It's just that recently, they've been selling authentics. But it doesn't mean they won't sell fakes again:rolleyes:
  9. Ugh. Even more reason NOT to ever buy from blue-fly!!!:tdown:
  10. I am going to keep this thread open, but in the future, any questions regarding whether a particular website sells authentic balenciaga need to be posted in the Authenticate This Balencaiga thread. Thank you!!!
  11. I can't believe amazon can do this. Thanks for the info.
  12. I think in the last few years Amazon has extended to work also as a patform for other online sellers. Maybe some B-Bags are not sold directly by Amazon and I still have not figured out how much control has Amazon over these other sellers.