bbags for your metrosexual SO

  1. since my husband was kind enough to buy me my very first bbag, i was thinking about getting him a male version. would it be cheesy to walk down the street with the two of us sporting b?

    he's not afraid of the man purse, though i'm afraid he wouldn't look very good with my anthracite city...:roflmfao:

    any suggestions on appropriate bbags for your guys?

    i saw a thread about the messengers, but i remember from my visit to BalNY that they had run out of those bags.

    i was also thinking about dior homme accessories. but i guess that would be for another forum ;)
  2. lulu, i think that would be hot!
    i see some great b bags that look perfect on men... this is my fave :

    messenger aka men's day :

    extra courier and men's weekender will also look HOT! :p
  3. Yes I like this or the other two mentioned
  4. the men's day would look nice...too bad I can't have fun looking for a bbag for my hubby--he is so NOT a metrosexual...oh well...better for our wallets, I guess!
  5. Thats hot!!!! I wish my man was a man bag kind guy... he thinks if he cant fit it in his pocket he shouldnt be carrying it!!!
  6. hm ok. :smile: i just called BalNY to check their stock. they carry the men's messenger in various colors (either $990 or $1055). yum...
  7. g luck lulu :yes:
  8. It would look great! :smile: don't worry ^^
  9. If you can't find a Balenciaga bag for your SO, try the Ghurka map case.

    My DH wouldn't consider a "bag" before I bought that for him. Now he can't be parted with it!!!
  10. I just saw a guy wearing the messenger (in a green colour) and it did look great!
  11. the mens day, courier, and basace are all perfect in my opinion for any man. i'm a little biased towards the day, but i love the courier as well.
  12. Hmmmm...

    My bf carries his wallet and phone... and thats it...!

    I dont think he would ever carry a Bal bag for men! :sad:

    I like the Courier for guys!
  13. Bbags are fabulous on men!! How about a black work bag? I love how he isn't afraid to wear them!
  14. j'aime - i think a fab gay friend of mine rocks the work style. that was before i started obsessing over b-bags and i think he's switched over to a croc bag since then. i don't know if it might be too "purse-like" for hubby, though.

    i think i'm going to get him the messenger style. so i can conveniently borrow it... :graucho:
  15. My boyfriend would look horrible carrying a bbag. He's the typical grungey boarder: torn up jeans & t's, messy hair.. lol But man, I should buy him one, an aqua first maybe! so that i can use it :p