BBags for Travel

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  1. Which bag do you think is the best for carry-on and why....

    Weekender or

    TIA !!!:smile:
  2. I used my Weekender when I went to Vegas last month and it was perfect.
  3. Oooh weekender!
  4. Does the WE have a shoulder strap or enough room to comfortably fit on your shoulder?
  5. No strap and my handles are not stretched out enough to go on my shoulder yet. I held mine by hand.
  6. WE... because it's big enough to carry your essentials and when u buy small things on the way :p

    i can use mine on shoulders, so it's great
  7. The folks at Barneys said that the 2007 Weekender handles have been lengthened so that you can fit the bag more easily on the shoulder. I haven't confirmed with Bal-NYC, so I don't know if this is actually the case.
  8. I think I may be narrowing it down to either the Weekender or the Courier....still have to do a little research.

    ^^^^I'll call BalNY and ask about the WE handles.
  9. I've taken my work to nyc and had plenty of room - but I dont own a weekender yet and would probably use that instead.
  10. I use my Work when I have to fly. It's small enough for carry on, but big enough to hold all essentials. So restricted on what you can carry on planes these days, so the Work works for me
  11. Definitely Courier. I took my truffle courier to Hawaii and used it as my carry on bag, and as my gym bag for workouts. I even had a giant heartattack session when I spilled an entire bottle of water inside the bag... and didn't discover it for an eternity. Water completely soaked through all the leather. But it dried up great and left no water stains. the courier was perfect!
  12. I have a gorgeous olive hobo (day) and an olive mini twiggy (bigger size). What a GREAT set! the day fit my rather thick book, trench coat and I just stuck it under the seat in front of me with no problem. I put my mini twiggy in it when it was under the seat. I loved this set. The day fits over the shoulder and I carried the twiggy on my arm.
  13. ^^ the courier all the waaaaaaay :wlae:
  14. Weekender!