BBags Doubts

  1. Hi Girls.

    I don't know much about BBags and I would apreciate if you guys help me out.

    1. How big is the First and City Bag? And how much is it in US?
    2. My mother is going to ny for thanksgiving and I want to ask her for a bbag, but i wanna know which color will be available. I really liked the Indigo Blue (as the one that nicole richie has), but is it still available or it is from a past collection?
    3. Which color (besides black) goes with everything?
  2. 1. Here is a reference of all the Motorcycle styles, and prices as well for some of the more common styles:
    atelier.naff: Balenciaga motorcycle style reference

    2. Indigo is from a long time ago ... hard to find... The most similar color in the current season is "blueberry." Here are color swatches, by season:
    atelier.naff: Balenciaga color swatches, by season
    (although the current season is not on that's linked with a link entitled "The f/w 2006 swatch board is here.")

    3. I dunno ... maybe Grenat, Ink (older season) or Truffle would be pretty versatile.