Bbags at Harvey Nichols Edinburgh

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  1. I have noticed that some members are looking for these bags, so thought I would post it here.

    Harvey Nichols, Edinburgh has

    Vert Gazon Giant Work
    Vert Gazon Giant Day
    Natural Giant Day
    Aqua Twiggy (regular hardware)
    Sandstone City (regular hardware)
    Sandstone First (regular hardware)

    They do have others, but I have noticed these bags have been asked about on the thread.

    If you need contact info, just send me a PM:yes:
  2. Oh man … a VERT GAZON Giant Work!!!! The ₤ is soooooooo strong against the dollar though (double)!!! It would cost a small fortune … plus the shipping & customs/duties … arrrrgggghhh! I LOVE :heart: Harvey Nicks ... one of my FAVORITE stores in the UK!

    How's the weather in Edinburgh? I was there in the Winter, so it was VERY cold ... beats me how those fellows can wear their kilts (but they do look FINE in them!!!).
  3. Yes, I am very lucky that my DH has nice legs and a strong tolerance to cold and rain:graucho:

    The weather has been great the past few days, really hot sun, but still a nice mild air tep. Ask me again tomorrow and I will have a different report!

    I have never seen a Vert Gazon Giant Work until today. It was amazing. You are right, though, against the dollar it's just not worth it unless it was your holy grail or something...:nogood:
  4. Brilliant! Many thanks, Siri Anne. I've just ordered an Aquamarine Twiggy from them and SA, Gillian, was really helpful. I've failed to find Aquamarine here in England and had to order my Aqua GH City from LVR. So I'm so grateful for your up-date.
    Best wishes
  5. Congratulations! Excellent news! Soooooo glad that I could help:smile:
  6. WOW this sounds ...:drool::nuts::drool: !!!
    Thank you siri.... for letting us know :flowers::love::tender:
  7. you are very welcome, dear dear FirstClass:yes: