bbags at bal hk

  1. black gsh flat clutch $5700 hkd
    olive? ggh flat clutch $5700 hkd (i almost bought this one, but the floor sample she showed me, the gold was coming off and the hw was turning silver? so i hesitated)

    red ggh pt
    bordeaux? (it was a really dark red) work reg hw

    they also had some of the 08 2 tone collection with the gun metal hw.
  2. do they have magenta? are they doing discount right now? haa..
  3. she didnt tell me about any discount. no magenta. if they had magenta, i would buy too :smile:

    but i thought 5700 for a flat clutch is cheap! cheaper than $795 USD.
  4. yea i think so... i guess normally a clutch sold at aout $7500..
    but it was so terrible that the gold was coming off..