Bbags aren't still *IN*? Oh yes they are, look at this

  1. I got a new Barney's catalog in the mail today. We didn't make the front cover, but we made the back! :yahoo:


  2. :party:
  3. Oh my! Yay! The Giant Brief (white) is also in Neiman Marcus's catalog! Yay Balenciaga! lol

    I have to check my mail now!
  4. of course they're still IN! LOL
  5. In or out, they will always be in for me!:yes:
  6. same for me~~~~!!!! :smile:
  7. hahaha...believe it!!! bbags will reign forever!!! :dothewave:
  8. Not only are they still in... I feel like they are getting more credit. It could just be because I am noticing more though.

    I have been doing some random Balenciaga sightings in mags recently, these weren't features necessarily, just in articles that were about something else, that show someone that was using them!! (All US Editions.)

    April 2007 INstyle - pg. 494, Life & Home Article on Jamie-Lynn Sigler, She is walking across the street carrying a first.

    March or April (??) 2007 Lucky - pg. 130, "How I'm Wired" article, shows Gretchen Bleiler, wearing black day

    These were just some magazines laying on my coffee table that I remembered seeing them... also there was a photographer's credit page in the front the other day, that showed a person holding a twiggy?? I think or something.... Anyhow, they have been popping out at me everywhere lately!!
  9. I think alot of celebs and fasionistas sport Balenciaga because b-bags don't have big designer logos and labels. The big labels are so played out now.

  10. I absolutely agree! I am so sick of the big logos. I used be the big LV slut. I love the quality the look versatility of bbags. Even if everyone else thought they were out, I would still be obsessed. It makes it more fun to share my love with all of you though!
  11. I definitely think they'll always be IN. One doesn't always have to buy the motorcycle style, but I think that the line just has the most stunning models...
  12. ITA!!! :dothewave:
  13. They're always "in" for me. :wlae:

    Btw, what's the bag featured on the front pg of your magazine? It's cute!
  14. powderpuff you're so sweet!
    and o couuuurse bbags are in-have you guys seen the leather? LOL
  15. i saw the Barney's catalog too! the hobo looks so gorgeous. and bags4bubbles, that pic of jamie lynn with a first was so great! it looked so feminine and :cutesy: