Bbags are tougher than we think


Sep 6, 2007
Does anyone remember the thread asking 'who would treat a Bbag this way?'..I guess it is cos of all the re-habbing I do of wild hurt critturs that I couldn't bear to see something so beautiful suffer, so I bid and won that poor ripped bag..she came with the lining spotted with old dry GUM..yep, chewing gum..she smelled bad..I had paid little and so bit the bullet and scraped off the gum and dunked the whole bag into a sink full ofWoolite suds.
Those with weak stomachs do not read further or look at the pics!.. After air drying her for 2 days,I sacrificed the wide shoulderstrap thingy to patch the ripped off half of the back handle and I removed all of the falling apart lacing, replacing it with a cotton shoelace..then I cleaned and moisturized and cleaned some more using up all of my LMB products..hours later I took her to the Studio and mixed up some Procion dyes to dye the new lacing..I realize that although I love this bag even more than some of her newer, more pristine sisters, she is now without value to anyone but me since I did the patching and the relacing..but what do you think? she worth all that trouble? Ooh this bags leather is as thick and soft and buttery as a lambs ear..I learned SO much about how fantastically well these bags are made, and how strong the leather is and most of all how TOUGH these beautiful bags are..she was soaked, lathered, scrubbed, dried off, mended and patched up..and look at her now!



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Jul 5, 2007
WOW!!! :wtf:You did such a great job! I think it was totally worth the trouble, it really DOES NOT look like the same bag! You can wear her with pride knowing you saved her from a trash pile! :yahoo:


Aug 29, 2007
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Yes, you did a fantastic job! The before picture looks just awful, but your after shot makes the bag look so clean and new. You did an amazing job.


Sep 6, 2007
Re: Bbags are tougher than we think
oh my did such an insane job!!! it's like extreme bbag makeover
Sheanabelle you made me laugh so hard..yep it was INSANE but I took her out today and it ws raining and I didn't do my usual 'hide the Bbag under my sweater':yahoo:
Dec 20, 2006
You've got guts; I respect that. :yes:

I would LOVE to find a beat up bbag because then I could possibly afford one! You fixed it up really well, too, considering all the damage done. Very inventive with the handles.


Mar 29, 2006
WOW! I was wondering who got that bag! Terrific recovery job! Did you dye the leather, or just the lacing?


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Aug 8, 2006
Florida Keys
:tup::tup:I loveeeeeeeeeee this post and you did a fantastic job!!!!!They are a lot tougher than many think, especially when it comes to water. I'm glad you had the nerve to just dunk her into Woolite and wash her. I've done this with other bags and it never harmed them. My LV fell in the ocean. I brought it home, put it in the bathtub, soaked it for ahwile to displace the salt water, let it dry, good as new and I still have it and carry it 3 years later. Great job and your bag looks great!!!!:tup: