BBags and "squishyness"

  1. Are B-Bags (twiggy...first...etc) "easily squishable" against the body? Like if you were forced to conceal it under a coat, would it be ridiculously obviously bulging (if you only had a wallet, celly and small makeupbag?

    I am considering holding out and paying myself for every so many pounds lost to save up for one.
  2. I think that the First would be better if you had to conceal the bag....(from the rain :shrugs: or PHH?) lol (I've done both hahahahaha!!!)

    Like other have said- the Twiggy has this super thin reinforced bottom....

    Good luck on your weight loss goals---!!
  3. Thanks!
    Id have to conceal bec of where I work ;) Too many muggings.
  4. :shocked: Goodness...I would probably suggesting something you could wear crossbody that would lay very flat underneath your jacket, or anything with a longer strap. I would want to keep my hands free in case you need to defend yourself! Good luck...stay safe!
  5. Thank you! I am fighting with myself over how bad I much I shouldcare about muggings versus what I really want. I want something Ill love. And I don't wanna settle just to stay safe.
  6. Can't you just buy something practical and inexpensive for work, and buy what you love and want and save it for when you aren't working? That way you wouldn't be as devastated if the bag were potentially stolen or damaged if something, God forbid, happened at work.
  7. I agree!:yes: Like maybe a flat messenger style! Any tips on how you lost the weight?I need to lose some too!:biggrin:
  8. i would say you could definitely squish one against your body :yes:
  9. I have been debating that too. I am just not someone who changes bags at all, just want one that I can wear all the time really. I have had this "cheap" leather tote Ive been carrying since Sept of 06...and have not changed bags at all. I don't know if it's laziness or what. Probably ;)

    As for the weight loss:
    I joined Spark People ( in August and have only logged food and stayed in calorie range. I haven't even worked out! I need to start doing that though, but my DH and I are trying to find the rowing machine we want. And it's too friggin cold for working out outside! The one we had chosen got sold on us. We are also considering getting a wii and playing wii boxing :smile:
  10. I work in a bad neighborhood and switched from bigger bbags to smaller ones for this very reason. I am pretty happy with the firsts so I don't feel like I am sacrificing at all.
  11. Great Incentive Ame! I Would Say Messenger Or First Since It Is Flatter Than Some Of The Other Bags.