Bbags and insurance

  1. After losing my compagnon, I started thinking about insurance. Today, I talked to my insurance office, Gjensidige, and the lady told me that if I wanted to insure my bag (worth about $1300) it wouldn't cost me more than $12 a year!

    This is in case someone spills something on it, you rip it on a wall, or something happens, and I will get my money back, or they'll cover the cost of fixing it..

    Anyone else done this?
  2. Sounds reasonable. BUT wouldn't car insurance cover being stolen from inside, home insurance the same. I guess spills wouldn't count. I'm wondering what the real cost of the claim would be. Be sure you ask that. Like is there a deductible, would they cover it only once, for the full price or devalued etc.

  3. no car insurance only covers what is actually installed in the car...if you turned the car upside down, all the stuff that falls out is not covered.

    your homeowners insurance would probably cover the bag
  4. Just be aware that whenever you make an insurance claim, your perceived future risk to the insurance company goes up. Mostly likely, this would result in higher premiums on everything that you insure (house, car, personal items, etc). A lot of people don't insure specific items for this reason, or for that matter, people often don't make insurance claims when small items are lost or stolen.
  5. Wow, thanks! I didn't know that!
  6. Good info!
  7. That and I sorta understand it for other bags... but a lot of things about bbags you can't really repair back to the original state.
  8. Yes i have all my expensive items covered under personal possesions on my home insurance. Up to my limit.... If i take a bag and a necklace out say and they are stolen then im covered. I wouldnt make a claim for a small thing but if jewellery and a bbag were stolen i would claim.
  9. Great thread! Each spring I update my insurance inventory list, and I'll be adding all my B Bags to it. I will call my insurance company to make sure I don't have to have a special rider, like I do for my camera equipment.

    Thanks, S-E!