Bbags, A financial curse for the indecisive!!

  1. Boy, those BBag people sure know what they are doing. Create one hot bag and introduce new colors every season. If you are indecisive like me, it is a CURSE!! Until now, my indecisiveness hasn't really effected my budget much. So what if I have every color tank top and t-shirt known to man!?!?! Augh!! Can't get rid of this one, I may need a "Puce" t-shirt one day. (For you Friends fans out there, you already know that Puce is reddish brown) LOL! Anyway, due to my lack of self control,a major Bbag addiction and the inability to make a sound decision, I find myself the owner of far too many Bbags in colors I am sure I will never use. Or will I? Hmm...Maybe I will. Oh, I don't know!! They are just too darn pretty to part with. Clearly I have to weed through them and list some on eBay. Sadly, I have run out of hiding spots and it is time to liquidate!!! :crybaby: So, as soon as I can figure out how to change the file size on my pictures, I will upload some photos and ask for your opinions. Keep or Sell?!?! Has anyone else out there had a similar experience?
  2. I am just a sick in the head addict. I'll keep buying though!
  3. Purse, I think you're preaching to the choir here, but of course this would be the perfect forum for your rant. I'm totally with you there, sister!
  4. Oh, how I feel your pain! :push:
    I have a pile of bags in front of me right now, and sadly most are going back to the store on Saturday ...
    one is listed on eBay and the other, well, I just can't seem to let her go :p
  5. The Rouge VIF City is here to stay!!! Well, for now!!!! That bag ROCKS!!!!!:supacool:
  6. OK, Here is just a small sampling of my lunacy!!! The day, 2005 baby blue, 2006 squishy Ink and 2007 Rouge Vermillion without a hint of ORANGE!!:graucho:
    Day collection.jpg
  7. If I had to choose one to sell, it would be the baby blue. It is a tough decision....
  8. Keep the pics coming! :nuts:
  9. wanna see more :yes:
  10. OK, Here are some Citys. My favorites 2006 Blue India and 2006 Rouge VIF, also included, Black 2006 City, Caramel 2005 City and Turquoise 2004 City.
    2006 Balenciaga Blue India City.jpg Citys 1.jpg
  11. There's that precious William 05 again!!! LOL!!! :heart: Love that boy!

    You're right...the Rouge VIF is too hot to let go of....hmmmm....let's see what else you have! :yes:
  12. [​IMG] gotta keep. Caramel....another keeper! Turquoise... :drool:
  13. Still brand new Truffle work and Natural part time. Augh!!! Clearly I have lost my mind!!!!! It must be the teenagers in my house causing all of this madness!!!:lecture:
    bags 120.jpg
  14. I think Deb would give you her gorgeous Bbags for William!!!!
  15. Can I borrow that excuse? I just bought one of the new style bags, and ordered the new violet tote bags for July delivery. And I keep looking!!!!:wtf: