BBags #2 and #3!

  1. Just 2 weeks after my first purchase (Jaune RH Day) and I'm already in possession of bags 2 and 3: the Vert D'Eau City and Ink Work (thanks to RDC/Corey for such kick-butt help!)

    I love all these bags for different reasons, but equally as much! I actually make up reasons to leave my room just so I can use them :p

    Here are some pics of my Vert D'Eau and the Ink:


    And hopefully I'll be able to post pictures of Bag #4 soon, which should be delivered tomorrow :yahoo:

    I'm pretty sure 4 bags in 2 weeks = hardcore addiction = byebye checking account :sweatdrop:
  2. have been busy!!! Great bags though! I guess you agree this is a hardcore addiction?!;)
  3. Gorgeous choices!
  4. Wow! Four in two weeks is impressive -- I thought I was bad with 5 in 3 months, but I pale in comparison. Yours all look great though -- can't wait to see #4!
  5. WOW u're harsh on your bank a/c post the 4th one soon! lol
  6. Congrats!
  7. Can't believe it, 4 BAGS IN 2 WEEKS!!! U're a very naughty girl! But it's worth it being naughty = being happy! Congrats on your beautiful buys!
  8. haha, yes i am being harsh on my bank account! i just got a signing bonus and i was never too good at just letting money sit in my checking account :noggin: maybe i should put the money into savings! well that's it for me--no more until at least feb/march! but thanks for all your kind words!
  9. Congrats you've been a busy shopper....Bal is really addictive.
  10. Congrats on bbags #2 & #3...4 bbabies in 2 weeks...yup sounds like your addicted.;)
  11. OMG, 2 new bags at once :nuts: I won't be blaming you to make tons of excuses to going outside all the times. You rock those bags, girl !
  12. Very cute. Love them both. Congrats! :tup:
  13. that vert deau is very nice looking! Congrats!
  14. Great choices! I love the colors and styles you've picked out, they look fab on you!
  15. congrats! love the work!