BBagers...Are you IN???

  1. I stole this idea from another the link below and add yourself to the map! Will be fun to see where we are around the world!

    Bal Gals (and Guys) where in the World are you?!?
  2. Don't forget to add a picture! :yes:
  3. hahah cool idea Larnette :biggrin:
  4. :amuse: fun!

    I added myself:wlae:
  5. Very cool! Adding myself now!
  6. Cute idea! I am adding myself now!
  7. what a fun idea Larnette! I'm in!
  8. Hehehehe... that was fun!
  9. I added me! how neat!
  10. I have a map on another board and you can do a live chat too..very fun!
    I'm sad that more of you didn't add a photo- I am dying to see what everyone looks like:p !
  11. I added a photo of my bbags, does that count?:nuts:
  12. NO:lol:
  13. I added myself! This is so cool. (Stylefly, I took a picture of myself too)
  14. What fun!!!! I'm IN! :yes:
  15. i'm in....