Bbag with office wear??

  1. My boss told me that she's not buying a Bbag because it's too casual. I think she's wrong!!! Because you ladies rock in the pix! Thank you for the styles!!!!!
  2. Bal work looks great on you!! How tall are you? I'm only 5"4. Is work too big for me?
  3. oh thank you! :biggrin:
    I'm 5'3" and usually I dress more casual than this to work. I don't think it's too big, is quite a standard tote size bag, something like neverfull MM? HTH :smile:
  4. I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to share my thoughts because my City has quietly become my favorite office bag!

    I, too, questioned at first if my Bbag was too casual for work... I work in what can sometimes be an ultra-conservative field, so I've always erred on the side of no flash, no logos, black, structured, nothing extravagant.

    But I find my black Bal City a nice, under-the-radar injection of personality in what is otherwise a monotonous wardrobe of suits, pencil skirts, and pumps. It has just enough structure, and I do think the smaller G12 HW keeps the bag subtle with just enough sparkle to keep it interesting. I think it feels a bit more modern and fresh and more "like me" than, say, a saffiano tote, or something else super-structured that might be more typical in the workplace.

    My Black mRGGH City on the job:


    Great for work, great for play... I love this bag!! :biggrin:
  5. I wear my mango city to work and it rocks!! But I don't wear it with formal outfit like suits and pencil skirt. Usually with dress or smart casual outfit which my office culture permits. I too love how it's not too flashy yet fabulously stylish.
  6. I work in medicine and consult patients, and use my RH Work bags or Velo Hamilton mGGH. I don't find the tassels too much on the RH Works, as Works are pretty big bags, and with all that leather, you don't notice the tassels much. I sold almost all of my more professional/blingy GGH Works because of their weight.

    I like to think that the Velo mGGH helps me appear more grown-up, even when I'm schlepping about in jeans, T and my Converse sneakers;)

    The colour of the bag makes a difference, as some of the posters have rightly observed. Pink never looks work appropriate in an office situation, I feel, unless you are the head honcho in a design or fashion place, like Miranda in The Devil Wears Prada... but I could be wrong!
  7. I often look at guys who all dressed in their natty suits and ties, really neat and carrying these really beaten up, soft, well-loved and well-used leather messenger bags or soft satchels. So hot!!
  8. Oops sorry, major correction for my hastily typed post above.

    I meant to say, I often look AT the guys who are well dressed in suits, tie, all neat, not that I look at every guy in the street... and that I see the ones carrying their well-loved, beat-up leather satchels and their well-used leather messenger bags, and I think that their satchels, their satchels - not the guys, are so hot and look appropriate. These men look just as work-appropriate compared to the guys who carry the standard attaché case... so why can't women carry soft, well-loved leather bags, too?
  9. my black rggh city is my daily work bag! sometimes, the ggh black part time too...

    my good friend who works in a bank uses a black rggh city for her daily work bag too :smile:
  10. I think all Bbags can be worn to work. Especially the Giant ones because they don't have the tassels hanging out. They look very modernly chic to me.

  11. :roflmfao: I actually got it the first time. Maybe because I too love those well-used satchels and think they look hot. Again, the satchels, not the guys :biggrin:
    My fave is the Mulberry Brynmore, so cool!
  12. Gorgeous leather on that Mulberry, Livia!! And I'm relieved to know you think the same way:smile:
  13. i work in a financial firm and my daily wardrobe usually consists of dress shirts, dress pants, pencil skirts, heels, and (more so lately) flats. my daily bag is usually a black GGH city or grenadine GSH work (in the summer) and i found that the GH make the bag more dressy and work-appropriate. i think it's appropriate for the work environment, as our office culture is more trendy and ere on business casual side.
  14. hi Selene, I'm thinking to get a rose bruyere PT (by trading my anthra Work - which I use for work and think the color is appropriate) but don't sure about bringing a pink bag to work or meeting clients. since you have a grenadine (great shade of pink btw) just wanna get your opinions and experience. do you bring it to more formal meetings? i'm sure it's pretty eye-catching when goes against black outfit..
  15. Believe it or not, I also work in Finance (Alternative Investments), and I only use my Bal bags. Really, when you think about it .. most of the guys have NO IDEA what you are carrying .. and the women, who cares what they think! Most of the time, your bag will be in a drawer in your desk, right?!? .. so don't stress it, carry what you want! At this point in my life/career, I could care less what they think about what I wear .. it's the "gray matter" (brain/knowledge) that counts~ !!!