Bbag with office wear??

  1. Hi tpfers, I need some help here. I've always been into structured bags like LV Tivoli, alma, chanel classic flaps and of course my ultimate workhorse Loewe amazona in black. I fell in love with bal months back and just got my first bal (preowned), 07 naturel part time. I love the colors bal offers and it is a different style from what I've always been carrying over the years. I like the casual slouchy look of the chewy leather. And now, my problem is, how do I pair it with office wear? Somehow I feel that bal looks too casual for work, especially since I got the part time with the shoulder strap. I should just remove it now to think of it. What do you ladies think? Or am I just not used to the bal style yet since I've always carried structured bags?? I've seen some of the mod pics tpfers posted here with their bbags, and they look great especially with jeans. But I hardly see any mod pics with formal wear. Is it even possible, or will I just look 'off'?
  2. In my opinion you wouldn't look off. You would just add a more modern tone to your outfit. Try the Work style. It is spacious, can be held by the handles since it has no strap and if you buy it in Giant Hardware like I have you won't have the tassels hanging out (Regular Hardware) which make the bag more casual. Also the color makes the difference. If you try a Dark Night (dark blue-black) or a Black I think you will be fine.:smile:
  3. You wont look off! Or at least I dont think i look off hehe I wear mine all the time with office wear, i wear a lot of pencil skirts, slacks, formal
    blouses (not much of a jean person me)...i have the part-time too. :smile:
  4. I almost always wear my Works to work! Both have GSH, and I feel that hardware makes them look a little more 'dressed up' and suitable for a formal environment. I also like the fact they are still somewhat 'under the radar'.....I don't particulary want the people I work with to recognise - and comment on - my bags and the amount of money I spend on these things! :biggrin:
  5. Very wise thought! I do exactly the same thing.
  6. Thanks for your replies! Yes my part time is in giant GH as I am not a fan of RH. It's definitely less casual than RH. I like bal for being understated too. I feel awkward bringing my chanel flaps to work as they are too loud for my office culture. Would LOVE to see mod pics of office wear with your lovely bals!!
  7. sorry, I don't hv a PT nor a GH bal. my Work is RH but I use it for work, well, I don't hv to dress very corporate since we are more design based. Here are some pic of me with my Work, I dunno if it looks off.. I'm sure a GH bal can be really dressy and presentable
    (sorry for the crappy photos)
    CIMG6808.JPG CIMG8503.JPG IMAG1122.jpg
  8. I just got my dark night town and used it at a conference that I was attending in Florida.... Here is a restroom pic!!

  9. I take my bag to work sometimes. I prefer this than my LVs which are rather inappropriate for work (monogrammed ones) imo...



    Top - Mango
    Skirt - RW&Co
    Shoes - Manolo Blahnik
  10. I struggle with Bals at work because RH is too casual, with the tassels, and GH is too blingy and showy. So, even though I have more Bals than any other designer, I virtually never carry them to work.
  11. Per request :
    Giant part-time with standard work attire. (5'6", 110lbs):smile:
    pt1.jpg pt2.jpg
  12. I have a black RH PT and I was in the same spot as you, having just switched to a bbag from structured Gucci's (bostons and leather hobos) and a Fendi peekaboo, but I missed having slouchy bags and was looking for a a really nice leather bag. So I opted to try a bbag and so far I really like it. I wanted to get something neutral and light colored for the summer, but ended up with the black since I don't really have any big black bags. Anyway, I've gotten lots of compliments of it at work, and found that it goes well with my office attire, as well as my jeans/mommy-wear. I'll try to take a pic of it this week when I get ready for work. I'm usually in a black/gray pants and blouse-cardigan combo.
  13. I carry my RH bals to the office. They are a bit casual IMO but not inappropriate. Also, fortunately for me, I work mainly with men who wouldn't notice my bag if it was hanging from their noses. I can pretty much get away with anything as long as it is within the bounds of appropriateness.

    I am enjoying that, as my last office environment was extremely formal and conservative even though I am in a creative field. Every little accessory was scrutinized. I found it to be stifling.
  14. I bring my Bal to work. But mostly I own the RH. I only have 1 GH. I wear nice blouse and pants to work. It fits fine.
  15. Wow really beautiful pictures! Thanks for the inspiration on how to dress up formally with bal. I'll try to post some pics with my GH bal tonight.