Bbag vs. LV -how do they wear

  1. I am an LV addict and love the fact they wear like iron. I am interested in purchasing a Bbag. I am hard on my bags and was wondering how the Bbags hold up. Any info would be appreciated.:yes:
  2. I think the sense that you could throw the Bbag around (not that you would want to do that) and not really worry about it. Whenever I'm using my LVs, I'm thinking about just making sure the leather isn't touching anything.
  3. Same here.....I can throw my Bbag around and not worry about it. I worry about my LVs a lot more. So, I reckon you should GO for it :P
    Darker colour are more durable than the lighter ones, IMO.
  4. I've been a wee bit disappointed with my b-bag compared to my LV. I throw my monogram around but my b-bag seems not quite as sturdy. Not only that, the tassles are are so delicate. Mine keep splitting and I glue them back together with leather glue, which lasts two weeks and they've split again. Argh.
  5. I think LV is more durable, in terms of throwing things around (although I wouldn't do it, lol). I love the light weight of my Bbags.
  6. personally, i think LV's are alittle more durable because they are made of canvas and they can stand pretty much put anything in your bag. But balenciaga's since they are made of goat have to be alittle more careful with them but you can put pretty much anything in your bags ( just don't plop them on a dirty floor or something ).. but they do last a really long time and with time they get better and better. I've been using my city as an everyday bag since March of this year and she's been holding up just great.
  7. i'm with you.
    i kept worrying about tthe vachetta too much sometimes i don't enjoy the wearing.
  8. You can't wipe them clean like you can with LV coated canvas, but otherwise they are pretty sturdy. I've been caught in the rain twice with mine, and got no spots at all (unlike vachetta). They're very well-made, and I think you could treat them like any other leather bag.

    As with any leather, as maro888 mentioned, dark colors will be lower maintenance than light colors.
  9. I like the durability of my LV's way more than the B'bags I had were so soft they would, scratch and stain easily. Too much to have to worry about every time I would take them out.
  10. Lv's especially damier ( no worring with the vanchetta) are more durable than bbags my lvs are my favorite travel bags i throw them around a lot while i take care of my bbags alot, carefull i dont dirty the handles and carefull that i dont stain the bag, when it comes to LV the word carefull does not apply to me :smile: But still i love bbags !
  11. I find I worry less about my LV's because they seem more sturdy, and don't show wear easily (except the ones with vachetta bottoms which are a real worry) :sweatdrop: :Push: . The darker colour Balenciaga bags are best if you don't want to have to "baby" your bags. And bear in mind that b-bags actually get better with use in most b-bag owners eyes :love: ....just steer clear of lighter colours if you are inclined to "throw them around" ;)
  12. i'm always afraid of my vachetta on my LVs... have to be very careful... but b-bags aren't as much of a worry BUt still... i worry anyways ahahah
  13. ^^ kimmie, you traitor (lol!!!) :P :smash: :love:
  14. i would have thought that LV bags were much more hardy!
    my epi bags i never worry about at all, even if they fall on the floor..
    and the mini mono is easy to clean and can't really scuff.
    and the canvas, i've never seen a marked or scuffed one, no matter how old or used..
    i don't have a vachetta item but i suppose those would be verry sensitive to marking..

    but bbags... i'm always paranoid about scuffing or darkening... maybe it's the soft leather or the light colours i like...
    but even dark colour bbags have popped up with major darkening and scuffing, it seems..
    like where the piping is worn and broken right through; holes in the leather body; dark dark handles and corners; tassles worn to mushy shreds....
    it really affects the value, although it suits the "look".

    although bbags seem to resist staining very well, though our hearts skip a beat when something falls on it and marks it temporarily, it never remains..

    and yeah, the tassles... i'm always worried about those getting caught in things, caught in their own zippers... i wish the bbag looked the same without them.
    i've given up worrying about the splitting and just assumed it was par for the course.
  15. Thanks guys, this helps!!!