Bbag virgin!! Help

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  1. ladies ... am looking to buy my first bbag .. which one should i get?
    I need a practical yet trendy, big yet not heavy, classic yet not old lady bag.

    My top choice is : city in black

    Second: Rtt or work??

    Please help!


    ps: Im 28 yrs old, 5 - 6 " , small built
  2. depends on how much you carry during the day or on a daily basis.

    if it's alot or more than the usual haul of wallet, agenda, sunglass case, and maybe a couple of makeup pieces..then city!

    if you carry around wallet, agenda, sunglass case, makeup bag, magazine or book to read, snack, water bottle, ipod, and other odd essentials then the work!

    goodluck! and please post pics when you decide.
  3. A black city is the most classic bag, in my opinion.
  4. I think you would be really happy with a Black City with the regular hardware. It goes with everything, is a great size and is not likely to go out of style. Be careful though... these Bbags and tPF forum are really addictive! :graucho:
  5. id say a city or part time. and i agree with wander... "these Bbags and tPF forum are really addictive!":yes:
  6. A black City is always a great first bbag. It's very classic and pretty much goes with everything. I convinced a friend to get this for her first bbag and she just loves it to death. If you like big bags, the Work is really great too, I have one that I use for work, but it's too big for the weekends for me. I do have to say though that I recently got a Part-time, and it's the perfect in-between size for me because I can use it for both work and the weekends. You might consider that, but if you want a true classic, I'd go for the City.
  7. No bbags are "old lady bags" due to their design, imho. The city is a great size to carry as a day bag and with the rh is not too trendy/blingy, but just trendy/blingy enough (if that makes sense). If you like smaller bags then you might want to look into the twiggy and if you want something a bit bigger then the part time is longer than the city, but shorter in height.

    Let us know what you decide.
  8. Black city RH.
  9. a black city with rh is always a classic, i use mine everyday :yes:
  10. i agree with hellosunshine. it depends on how much you need to carry everyday. but black is always a classic color.
  11. I concur - Black City, RH - the City holds an amazing amount of stuff!
  12. I vote for black City with RH. That was my first and always practical, go with everything choice. Let us know what you decide! :biggrin:
  13. I was also a bbag virgin not so long ago....

    I also vote for black City with RH. I just got mine last Sunday :tup::yahoo: and i've fallen in love with it!!! I've stored my other designer bags in the closet already because it has become my favorite!!!
  14. City in black sounds good as a first choice......although the Day style is rommier but can only be carried on your shoulder (well, you can wear it by its handle too but it´s longer). If buying a balenciaga you will never end up with an old ladies style anyway;) they are all cool! Good luck with your pick (it´s hard because there are so many gorgeous bags!)