Bbag style you don't think you'll get

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  1. Hello everyone....just wondering....
    Is there a particular bbag style that you don't think you'll ever get, and why?

    for me, im still on the quest to get my first bbag, which made me realize that there are certain bbag styles that i don't think i'll be getting...

    First: this is a cute bag, but it's just too small for me.

    Hobos: i don't like shoulder bags because the handles don't seem to stay on my shoulder pretty well....

    Shoulder: same reason as above

    what about you guys?
  2. anything smaller/same as city won`t work for me...

    hobo/day so not my style...

    but the rest .... :heart::tup::heart:!
  3. I would say a Messenger bag. I love all the other styles even though some may not lookgood on me but that is one bag that just doesn't do it for me.
  4. I just can't get a day, I know tons of people love it, but I prefer the classic city or PT. I think the first is adorable, but I carry far too much stuff in a handbag to ever consider getting a first...great thread!
  5. I love most Bbag styles. I only have the Day, but I would like a city, mini bowling, first and a Matelasse. I think the only style I wouldn't get is anything pony.
  6. I love them all :tup: but... maybe... the box style it's just not me :nogood:
  7. I absolutely agree - no style in pony.

    I don't think that I would want anything bigger than a Brief.

    Not sure that I fancy the Envelope Clutch.

    I used to avoid the First but find that I can get quite a lot in mine.

    I know lots of people like the Matelasse but they are the opposite to what attracts me about B-bags - their slouchy quality.
  8. I just don't like the new hobo that comes with GH, and the big bowling just seem so unpractical. And I would never use a weekdender or work as a handbag, way too big for my needs and it looks too overwhelming.
  9. the brief, the step, the matelesse...............not a fan at all

    i like the first.......just too small on me so wont get this

    everything else :tup:
  10. I actually did not care for the FIRST and stuck with the City, Day, and Work however, I've converted into a First FREAK! it has become my favorite style.. going back to the question I'm not a big fan of the Step since I prefer slouchier bags... it's looks very structured..but again..this may change once I see how it breaks in.
  11. hMM.. so far... I'm not really feeling the matelesse, hobo's, or the sphere. The RH city would be great... but it doesn't fit comfortably over my shoulder & not really liking the way it hangs when I use the longer shoulder strap.

    Possibly in the near future... a Giant PT or Step or GH City... :smile:
  12. i agree with most of you, no pony style for me either, nor the bowling one, nor the sphere....didn't like those styles much!

    the step, i dont think i'll get either because it's too structured, like the matelesse.....
  13. The Brief; it would be a great work bag I am sure, but would not fit into my lifestyle.
  14. Not a big fan of the Sphere ... also, I don't love the box. I don't think I'll ever get a weekender either...too big for me and not practical enough for a traveling.
  15. For me I wouldn't go too much larger than the City. Using it as a work bag is the only way I can fill it up. So this puts bags like the work and brief off my list.

    I'm also not a GH gal, I prefer RH.

    The one style I don't like is the Matelesse. It looks like a MJ bag crossed with a BBag to me.