Bbag Stock - NM King of Prussia, PA

  1. Just thought I'd list the stock I saw at NM in King of Prussia, PA (610-354-0500) earlier today in case anyone is interested! There was more but this is what I remember:

    First - emerald

    Twiggy - Rouille, caramel (?), black

    City - cornflower (GORGEOUS and hardly any veins), lilac, Ink

    Work - emerald, cornflower
  2. Ooooohhh, I wish I hadn't seen your post! (more like *DH* wishes I hadn't seen this!) LOL. I've been dying for an Ink city and thought it was sold out nationwide already. Decisions, decisions.

    Thanks for the post!
  3. OOhhh.. a Rouille Twiggy:love:
  4. King of Prussia is exactly where I got my Rouille Twiggy! :smile:
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