Bbag stock at Neiman Marcus - Troy, MI?

Mar 7, 2007
I live in Ohio and sadly, there are no stores around here that actually carry Bbags. I can go to Saks and look at pics - they have to get them from other stores though. It's been awhile since I was in New York (this past June) and I am having Bbag withdrawl! I seriously need to find a store where I can actually touch some Bbags.

I think the NM in Troy, Michigan is only maybe a 3-4 hour drive from me. I would love to do a road trip - but does anyone know if they usually have a good selection of bags? I'd hate to drive all that way for a limited selection. Thanks!


Mar 30, 2006
I was just there last Friday and they do have a good selection,
Here is what I remembered:
They have the Bubblegum color in Work and City...
They have the white color but not any of the Blue shade from 2008
They still have the LE NM City bag with the gunmetal.. I am pretty sure I saw one..
They have black in various style..
They have Ocean blue 07 in Giant Brief with SGH
They have green with GSH..

They do have wallets but I didn't see coin purse..
They do not have violet or red..

That's all I can remember.. But definitely call Lisa before you go... If you want you can let us know what you are looking for and next time I go, I will keep my eyes out for it for you!

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