Bbag sellers on Ebay...I can't be the only one..

  1. who feels this way in regards to sellers on Ebay listing Bbags...cuz that's what i'm into right now, but applies to all sellers.:rant:

    Has anyone bought a used bag and it wasn't as described??

    "mint condition" or my favorite "only used a few times" or WORSE "brand new" when it is clearly NOT.

    *red flag* when a listing doesn't have a very detailed description but says "study pictures carefully". That means find the flaws yourself in the pics. I've actually just recently seen a relisted item where the seller removed part of the description reg the condition. I guess she thinks it will sell this time if buyers don't see this particular part of the description. Withholding information...

    Why don't the sellers tell us what we want to know in the description, or neglect to mention condition of use and or flaws? dirt, makeup, pen marks, etc.

    Alot of the sellers are a part of this and other forums and know exactly what a buyer would want to know. We are always talking about what we like and are pretty picky about wanting to know exactly what we are getting. That being said, it angers me that some sellers are doing this and still making the biggest buck on thier "used" bag.

    Sellers, desribe a "used" bag as it is... does it have dark handles, yellowing, scuffed corners, stains,scratches or scuffs anywhere on the leather, etc.

    Buyers, please if this happens to you, don't just let it go.
  2. Yeah, I hate it they put the item under Brand New without Tags and under the description, they say that they've used it once or twice before. That's NOT brand new. They should just say excellent condition instead!
  3. Wow. I was starting to feel like i was the only one......NOT.:nuts:
  4. yeppers, it makes me crazy when people aren't honest in their listings :hysteric:...i just won a gucci blondie tote on e-bay which the seller claimed was in "perfect, brand new" condition w/tag attached ("only used a few times")'s a gorgeous bag & i got it for a great price, but it's definitely a "pre-loved" bag...luckily the defects are only visible upon close inspection, but it still makes me mad when sellers do that :rant:
  5. i can't stand when they put contradicting information on the condition of th ebag. at the top it'll say BRAND NEW and then when you keep reading through the description they put "this bag is in excellent like new condition" :hysteric:
  6. I think the proper designation for something that looks new but isn't is "As New"? Actually, I have often sold things of mine that really have only been used a couple of times--I seem to buy a lot of stuff and then not use it more than a few times, but when I say that, I mean it. Sometimes I've characterized it as "as new" and sometimes as worn a couple of times, but I've always made it clear it isn't new, that it just looks new, or something to that effect. I wouldn't want to buy something I thought was new and then have it turn out not to be. I think "mint" is a very imprecise designation and I wouldn't expect anything characterized as "mint" to look new, as I think it's commonly used to describe things that do not look new and aren't completely excellent. I once bought a vintage coat on ebay that was characterized as "mint" and it had holes in it! Needless to say, I sent it back!
  7. what is the difference between "brand new" and "new"? also can something be "new" or "brand new" but used? also, i assume something can be "brand new" or "new" w/o tags??? i have never sold on ebay so am not sure about the protocol.
  8. i donno, that's a good question chi, but in the case of my black gucci blondie hobo, it definitely wasn't "new" as advertised...there are tons of scratches on the double G's, some whitish discoloration on the front & back of the bag & even what looks to be some pink nail polish on the leather on the back :hysteric:...luckily this bag is soooooooooooooooo gorgeous, that it doesn't matter...but the seller had it since '04 or '05 & obviously used it alot, but wore it with the price tag attached on the inside so she could claim it was new (WTF?!?!) :wtf:
  9. that is not new by any definition of the word.

    one more question -- is something BNWT or NWT even though you have had it for awhile but it has been in the dustbag/sleeper the whole time?
  10. Something cannot be new, but used. I think someone who does that is playing around. Something can be new even though it isn't current IMO though (has been sitting in the closet the whole time). However, my dictionary defines new (I've just checked) as, among other things, "of current production". When stores go out of business and their contents are liquidated, sometimes things that have been sitting around for quite a while are sold as "new old stock" to indicate that they are not current, but that they are unused.
  11. welp, i think that if i'm selling a bag that's only been worn 1-5x, then that can still qualify as new (as long as it hasn't been damaged or anything) :yes:...i do make sure to say in my auction exactly how many times it's been worn & whether there are any little defects (no matter how small) :girlsigh:...honestly, my bags are keep more pristinely than most bags you'll find in a boutique!!!
  12. that helps. maybe that is the difference between new and brand new? brand new is never used and new is very barely used but in new condition.
  13. sounds good to me chi ^^ :tender:
  14. I'm sorry, but I disagree. To me, something that has been carried a few times is "excellent condition, carried a few times", but not new, even though it should look like new hopefully. I know that some people on ebay characterize something carried a few times as new, but I think that's wrong. Saying it looks new is different from saying it IS new IMO.
  15. That sounds right too. I guess then the best thing to say is "like new" or "as new" if it is in new condition but used because otherwise the word "new" loses its meaning?