BBag recomendations?

  1. Hi all, I usually hang out in the LV forum, but I've seen a BBag and I'm in love! I was wondering if anyone can recommend a place or a website to perhaps find a preloved BBag to get me started.

    Thank you! :love:
  2. What kind of Bbag was it? And what size? Preloved Bbags might be available in some consignment shops like Annsfabulousfinds or Jillsconsignment, but I can't remember seeing any. Jomashop has some new ones (not used) that are heavily discounted..and of course there's bluefly..
  3. I really like the red/neutral one that I saw I think on Saks' site. But I'm open to anything!
  4. I like the canvas patent ones too.... Hmmm as kneehighz said, Jomashop has got bags at good prices. I know NAP has the canvas red patent one you mentioned but it is full price from memory.