bbag question!

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  1. this question is a little silly,but does anyone know what year the greige color came out? is it possible to still order it? I would personally prefer not to order one off eBay. unless it was seafoam. :smile:
  2. i think 2006 f/w???... i'm pretty sure!!

    Might want to call around dept stores and see if they have any left!!

    i love greige XD
  3. What style are you looking for? I searched all over for a greige city, which I finally found with help from another PF member. I found some other styles in greige at other stores:
    NM Palm Beach - twiggy, clutch
    BalNY - box, first, courier
    NM San Francisco - work (or maybe weekender?)

    This info is a few days old, but some of the bags might still be available...
  4. PS. Aloha rag has greige purse and mini bowling...
  5. I think Eping is correct. I thik eBay is the best place to find one now thoug be careful of authenticity.
  6. thanks girls! you all are so sweet for answering my silly questions! hopefully NM has a city they can find for me. I tried looking for another bag but they said I needed a color code. where the heck can I find that?
  7. good luck lmiller4!! let us know if you do find it.

    check out this website: atelier.naff