Bbag Question... New to Balenciaga

  1. I'm new to Balenciaga but I saw one the other day at Barneys and now I can't stop thinking about them.

    What is the difference between the City, First, and Work? Is it primarily a size difference?

    I was looking at a bag and the SA tried to tell me it was a small, medium, and large motorcycle bag. She didn't know what was a first, day, etc. I think it was a City, First and Work I was looking at but I can't tell from the reference area which it was. I'm looking for the middle sized one. I think it was a City of a First that I wanted.
  2. Hi, sounds like a City. The Club section has a lot of examples, you can also check for measurements :smile:
  3. Just to make sure I have it right...

    First is the small one. City is a medium. Work is the large one. Is this correct?

    I tried but they only have a clutch and some wallets right now.
  4. On diabro, you have to click on the "ladies" tab to see the handbags. Then you should see the first, city, work, as well as a lot of other styles!

    Here's the link directly:
  5. That's correct! And welcome to our world of obsessing over Bbags!