BBag production numbers?

  1. Does anyone know how many bags (per color/per style) are produced by Balenciaga each season?

    There has to be some sort of limit (since they sell out). Does it vary each year? Does it vary by each color (do they make more of the classic colors, less of the bold)?

    Any ideas? Care to speculate?
  2. Very interesting question. I have no idea, but hopefully someone does! : )

    I wish you well,

  3. I guess nobody knows?
  4. It's probably a closely guarded secret. ;)
  5. I was told my the manager at my local Balenciaga boutique that the buyers are invited to preview next season's styles and colours months in advance. They then place their orders, and if a particular style and colour sell out very quickly, it would mean they have got their estimates wrong, and they cannot order more from the manufacturer. The only way they can get more is from other boutiques.