BBag Prices

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  1. What is the retail price of the different models?

    The work?
    The day?
    The classique?

    I want to know how much it is going to cost me + tax and all to pay for one.
  2. i only know the price off hand of the's $995. if you order from bal NY and get it shipped out of state theres no tax
  3. In Europe a city is 945 euros
  4. In USA the First is $995, Twiggy $1095 and City $1195 -
    No tax & No Shipping from Aloha Rag and Bal NY was No Tax and $15 ship to me in Illinois

    hope that helps:smile:
  5. thank you guys!
  6. the Day is $995
    the Work is $1385
  7. It's weird cause in France the twiggy and the day are cheaper than the first.
  8. In singapore, the day is about $500 cheaper than the first too (if I'm not wrong)...strange isn't it!
  9. S$500...about US$315
  10. in uk ,the first is 675 while the twiggy is 620 cheaper than first
  11. does anyone know balenciaga price in their boutique in SG?

    *i was just calculating whether it would be worth it to get 1 shipped from Aloharag to Australia or to get one from sg when i go there*
  12. we should have a sticky to show all the prices of the styles in all the different countries! :yes:
  13. Here it's a little more 985 euro (small retailers sometimes top the price)