Bbag prices slightly lower at Holt Renfrew?

  1. Hi,

    I'm a newbie and was enticed into ordering a bbag because of this sub-forum. I love everyone's raves and photos of their beloved bbags. In a few weeks, I hope to be the proud owner of a City in anthracite. :yahoo:

    Anyway, I just wanted to tell the Canadian gals that Holts seems to have lowered their prices slightly. I phoned the Vancouver store and the SA quoted these prices:
    First $1250
    City $1465

    Mind you, I haven't gone to the store to verify yet but it seemed she knew which bags I was referring to (except she called them the "Arena" bags). Anyway, if these prices are correct, they're not too bad. Not as good as buying in the US but better than the old CDN prices mentioned in this forum. If someone stops by their Holts, maybe they can check?

    My hubby will pick up mine from Edmonton while he's there for business. I'll save the 7% GST. :p
  2. Hi, I still think it's better to buy from US. I bought mine from Aloha Rag. But if you want your husband to "hand-pick" one for you, I guess you can get it from Holt Renfrew. If your husband is stopping by Holt in Edmonton, there is an event called "Manulife night". It's on April 10 after 6:00 pm (Not sure exactly what the time is) It's a 1 day only event. With purchases during that time, you will get 10% HR bucks back which you will have 2 weeks to use it. You can only use it in the holt in Edmonton though. I think an Arena bag is different than the city that you want..make sure your SA knows the difference. I know some SA in Edm don't know the difference between a part-time & a city.
  3. does anyone know when is holt's having it's next shopping event? i can't remember when was the last time they had one.
  4. I'm pretty sure they just had one in probably not until July. They seem to be quarterly.
  5. Yup, they just had one here in Mtl two weeks ago.
  6. Hi,
    I was at Holt's yesterday and looked at the price for a Twiggy ($1250CDN) plus GST/PST, that would about $1430CDN.
    so, the Twiggy i got from BalNY was $1095US (which is about $1260CDN) and the custom charge is about $160, for a total of $1420!!!
    finally, Holts is coming in line with their pricing...maybe their selection will get better too!
  7. Thanks for the info Cornetto! kmtlred, i agree....i'm hoping their selection gets better too!! it's so sparse compared to Barney's and such...sigh...
  8. I was at Holts this week and the prices were:

    First - $1455 Cnd
    Twiggy - $1365 Cnd
    City - $1595Cnd

    Plus GST and PST wich is 14% in Ontario

    It is def cheaper to buy from Bal or AlohaRag
  9. Thanks for the info! I guess Holt didn't change the price at all. :cursing: It's still so expensive! Good to know...thanks!
  10. Hi everyone,

    Wait -- here's the scoop. Prices for newer bags are definitely lower! I went to the Van Holts this morning and saw a 2007 Pre-Spring naturel City at the older, higher price but there was a 2007 Spring blue City (bleu glacier?) for $1465. I made sure to check the model number in both -- 115748. I even asked the SA about the price difference and she confirmed same style but the newer ones are cheaper.

    They also had some Firsts in Pre-Spring colours -- cafe, truffe, naturel and black -- all at the older, higher price. I will check back on prices of Firsts in the 2007 Spring colors. Will keep you posted.

    HappyAngel -- thanks so much for the tips on Manulife Night and SA knowledge. :smile:

    My bag is supposed to be rung up on April 10 so I can get the HR bucks. My hubby will be in Edm two days before the bucks expire. And he'll check the bag model number when he picks up. The SA said it was #115748 but it's best to double check.
  11. Hi ladies! I was at Holt's Yorkdale yesterday in Toronto and the prices are still the old high ones. The SA was really friendly, but I don't think Holt SAs know too much about Bal bags. They completely rely on their sku numbers!

    I'd love to order from Aloha, but I'm afraid getting my bag and I won't like the leather. I'm picky about the leather, I like it smooth.

    Do any of you ladies have a First? How do you find the size?
  12. About 2 months ago I was at Holt's on Bloor to check out some bbags and I remember seeing a twiggy priced at about $1,300. Then 3 weeks ago I purchased a anthracite twiggy and it was $1,250. I think they did reduce the price?
  13. Thats good news for Canadians that the prices are beginning to "adjust" accordingly.

    Now if only I could find the correct color and fabulous leather at my local HR.

    They always seem to be stuck with the dry scaly ones that look and feel different.
  14. I don't have a First but I'm contemplating getting one. I was checking them out yesterday and they are so cute -- perfect for evenings and dinners out. They are quite a bit smaller than the Citys and will fit just the basics, like wallet, cell phone, keys, small cosmetic bag. They don't look good stuffed to the brim. If you search in this forum, you'll find helpful threads comparing sizes and pros/cons of Firsts and other b-bags. That's how I decided that I will eventually need both a First and a City. :yahoo:

    I'm not sure about ordering from Aloha myself. Like you, I want to pick out my own bag and have an easier time making exchanges/returns. But the other ladies have loved ordering from Aloha. And Aloha is great about sending photos and answering your questions via email. Have fun and good luck making your decision!
  15. are you talking about the Toronto store? i was there about every two weeks for the past two months and i didn't see any signs about a sale...even the SA's that i usually work with didn't call me either....and i didn't get an email from holts