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Feb 17, 2009
Hello! So, I thought since there is a forum for Bbag owners over 40...there should be one for us younger girls. Sometimes I read the forum and feel like everyone has husbands and kids, so I thought it would be nice to have a thread for students and grads etc. (I searched and didn't see anything like this)

anyways, I'm 23. I graduated last December from undergrad in CO. I pretty much spend all my paychecks on bags and constantly feel guilty for not saving any money...

I don't have any friends who understand my addiction and my bf and parents think I'm crazy...I guess that's what you guys are for :P


Nov 16, 2006
im in grad school now and im 24 :smile: my mom loves fashion, too, but she doesn't get why i need to get the same style of bags in different colors lol

i love my bbags tho~they are gorge!!!!

RACHEY07: thanks for starting this thread!


Oct 15, 2008
I'm 26 graduated from undergrad in 2005, I worked for about 1 yr after graduation. Somehow I decided to go back to school in 2006, I'll graduate next June with my professional degree, hopefully that'll be helpful for my career.

BTW I'm from Taiwan, the economy is really going down these days, it's getting harder everyday to hunt a decent job. :cry:
Jan 27, 2008
I'm a 20 year old college student studying at Gonzaga University (GO BULLDOGS!) in Spokanistan, aka Spokane Washington. I am originally from Seattle, born and raised and I love it however once I graduate I want to live somewhere different like LA, NY, Boston, Chicago, or Miami just to have fun!
I love bbags, and only one of my friends understands my obsession! I'm so glad I have tPF so I'm not so alone!
Oct 24, 2005
OohOohOoh I'm in! 24 here (well, nearly 25), currently not studying or working (and I HATE it). Hoping to go back to school n Sept. though, so fingers crossed. Love bbags, and no-one gets it. Love to have tPF to further my drooling needs!


Nov 23, 2005
hello! thanks for starting this thread rachey07!

I'm 24...about to graduate with my Masters in nursing in December! CANNOT wait...I just got my registered nurse license 2 months ago...and have been job hunting... but there is certainly NO nursing shortage in SF bay area :sad:.

I'm lucky to have a mom who loves fashion/bags...and a bf who i can talk into helping support (sometimes financially :graucho:!) my bbags addiction =P
May 1, 2007
I'm in too! I'm 23 going 24 currently doing my degree in Economics and Finance (I switched from Mathematics cos I decided I had had enough of Math lol) and graduating next year, which kinda sucks cos obviously banks aren't hiring now, so hopefully things will change for the better by next year.

Anyway, my mum is in the fashion industry so she is definitely the one who had influenced me since young to love fashion! Plus, I have 2 other sisters who are just as obsessed so that kind of explains my bag addiction, it's like I can buy 4x more bags cos there are 4 people using it lol, we share bags and loads of other things too. As for my friends, I only have 2 close friends who understands my addiction, the rest just roll their eyes when I turn up with something new lol!


Sep 5, 2007
Great thread! :tup:

I'm 22 and I'm still college (I study Journalism) but I'll be graduating this year. I own 2 Bbags: an EB First and a yellow Floral City. :heart:

I'm sooo looking forward to the F/W09 colours: my favourite is Pommier and I'd love to get a Day with GGH! :drool:

My mum is a big Bbag fan too! She has an anthra PT with GSH and a sky blue City with RH.

Nice to meet you all!


LV Addict
Jan 5, 2009
Nice to meet everyone!

I'm 25, 26 in June. I graduated from Pitt in 2005 with a BS in Psychology, got my M.Ed. in August 2006. I'm currently a psychologist (friends like to call me the 'psycho', lol) working on my doctorate. I'll be done soon! YES!:yahoo:
Jan 26, 2007
Ok well I fit in age wise, but it seems not family wise as I am 27 years old and mum to three beautiful children, and expecting my fourth! lol
I do love bbags too, im still young even though im a mummy. Oh and Im planning my wedding for next year! lol


Jun 13, 2007
I'm in! I'm 23 and live in NY. I've been working as an administrative assistant for almost 5 years and I love it! I don't have a DH...yet. I've been with my SO for 8 1/2 years and I'm impatiently waiting for the ring! Of course I'm addicted to bags, but luckily he's ok with that as long as I am able to save money as well. I'm trying real hard to cut down on bag purchases so I can save even more money for a house!


Jun 14, 2007
What a great thread. I am 26 and am about to graduate law school in two weeks! One of my best friends (whom I met in law school) got me addicted to balenciagas! No children (I mean how could I afford them with my shoe and handbag addiction) but I am getting married in August. My twin sister is also obsessed with bbags so I have some good company. My fiance does not complain much about my handbag addiction, but when he does I remind him that on our first date I told him I had just purchased my first Louis Vuitton, so there was ample disclosure about the purse addiction dating back to our first date. Nice to meet everyone.