BBag or Louboutins?


Mar 16, 2006
Hi All,

This is purely hypothetical right now (I am a poor grad student) but I am already planning my next big fashion purchase. In your opinions, what would be the better buy: a Balenciaga black City bag, or a pair of nude 85mm Christian Louboutin Pigalle heels? Both are investment pieces, so I am torn between the two. Oh well, it's not like I have to make an immediate decision:biggrin: School is not over til June, and only when I land a job will I lift my shopping ban! Apparently I like to prepare early though lol.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
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Hermès Hottie
Jun 17, 2009
i am a HUGE louboutin fanatic.. but i'd say bbag in this case, i think.. possibly because i'm searching for my own raisin city ATM.. but anyways.. good luck with your decision. both are AWESOME! :smile: do you own any loubies or bbags?