Bbag Online stores Styledrops and Diabro

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  1. Hi,
    Planning to buy my 1st Bbag online since I can't get it from anywhere else without getting out of the country.
    But thanks to this cool and fun bag forum which shows places/online stores that sell authentic Bbags.
    Anyhow,after browsing through the forum, I decide to narrow my online bbag stores to Diabro and Styledrops. I decide not to buy from Rafaello after reading some threads about their inventory and customer service issues.

    So now, I'm after any advise or experience from Bbag gals if they ever bought any bbags from Diabro and styledrops.
  2. Hi and welcome!

    Have you looked at They are pre-owned bags but in very good to excellent condition.

    In my opinion, Diabro and Styledrops are way overpriced!

    What about Ebay? You can find some really good deals there. For example, a very reputable seller which I have personally purchased from is hgbags. Her ebay store is EC Luxe Boutique and her merchandise is all brand new.

    Anyways, good luck in your search and purchase! You will LOVE Bal!!! :love:
  3. i agree with vlore, the prices on these websites are way overpriced! Maybe you can also try calling some places such as Aloha Rag, BalNY, or BalLA. But i'm not sure of your location so... you might have to pay custom fees if your out of the states.
  4. Styledrops is extremely overpriced, as is Diabro. Are you sure you don't want to order out of the country from stores like BalNY, BalLA, or Aloha Rag? You might try emailing them asking for what their fees/shipping would be and seeing if they come out less than if you were to order online.
  5. I have a friend who purchased a bag from someone who claimed to have bought the bag from styledrops and it was a fake. Just putting that out here - I obviously have no way of verifying that what the seller told my friend is true, but I'm one of those "better safe than sorry" people and would rather put the warning out here and hope it can be disproved than say nothing and have someone get scammed.
  6. I've bought a few Prada bags and a Balenciaga coin purse from Styledrops and they have been absolutely authentic. Yes, they were overpriced but they were styles/colors I could not easily find elsewhere.

    Also, since Diabro is based in Japan, their prices fluctuate with currency exchange rates (at least for the US dollar, I don't know about other currencies). Sometimes Diabro lowers their prices on colors/styles that they may have more of - or are produced each season like black and white. I think you just have to check them periodically.
  7. diabro had really good deals end of last year, i think cities were like $1100 and works were $1300ish. too bad i wasnt so into bbags back then. now i regret my head off!!!
  8. i got my white city from diabro at quite a good deal although back then the dollar was stronger. it'd cost under usd1000 instead of the usual usd1195. i believe the bags on styeldrops are authentic else it won't still be listed in the sticky. i've bought an authentic bag from raffaello-network as well. bag was on slight discount too.

    welcome, Amiee! we all started new. it'd do you good to learn how to use the search feature made available to members for easy navigation and retrieval of info. many of the comments have already been contributed by members over some time. my input above has probably been repeated about 5x.
  9. Don't regret it too much... :nogood: The City retails for $1195 and the Work, $1385. With shipping, it wasn't much of a discount. The best online deal I saw was actually on Raffaello. Bluefly has some decent deals now and then, if you use the 10% coupon. They also ship internationally, but there've been lots of posts about Bluefly messing up on orders: arbitrary cancellations, sending the wrong color/bag, etc. :shrugs:
  10. Hi Jira, cities are like $2000+ here in sydney australia last time i checked. so anything under $1500 would be a huge discount for me. Diabro recently sells their work for $1800 i think? that's a big jump compairing to $1385!
    I dont know why i just really like diabro's site layout and heard quite a bit of good things about them, such as good customer service confirming your order, underdeclare the bag for you so you don't get custom charges.
    i'll definately check out bluefly regularly.(didnt find anything last time) just hope they dont mess up my order. thanks:tup:
  11. RDC (real deal collection) is great but you are still paying a mark up compared to if you buy strait from a Balenciaga Store. if your out of state you don't pay tax and ground shipping is free.
  12. This is an older thread, but has anyone purchased from Diabro lately? I see the papeete City on there that I want but not sure if there are still concerns about fakes, etc from them. Thanks.
  13. ^^^ I bought a city with GGH from Diabro in 2007 and it was real and beautiful. Prices then were really low, I paid about $1250.
  14. Ah ok, thanks for your response. The papeete is $1500, which isn't TOO bad since it'll be $1445 here in the US anyways. Not sure how much they charge for shipping though and if we need to pay customs.