BBag on Heroes?

  1. Anyone else watching it? I am almost positive Claire was carrying a bbag in the opening scene, though I am not sure which. Maybe a black City?
  2. I saw that too! She pulled a gun out of it and I was thinking it's a Bbag! I have no idea which bbag, but wanted to share that I saw it too.
  3. I definitely noticed that too. It was a fake, probably a Besso bag. The leather was crinkly and there was a small metal tag on the inside instead of a leather one which was visible when she pulled out the gun. I believe it was supposed to be a black city though.
  4. ooohhh must watch the new episode! I'l keep my eyes peeled..
  5. Yes, it looked like a Black City, but the silver tag looked weird, so I thought, "What? A replica Bbag on my favorite show, Heroes???"

  6. someone started a thread about this already... if you look for it, there are photos i took of the scene if you want to see...