Bbag on Blow Out (Paddy too)

  1. Did you guys watch Blow Out last night? Jonathan's sister was rocking a big bbag, maybe a work no shoulder strap, it was hard to tell the color, maybe taupe or light brown.

    They were choosing a new PCD and the one they chose had a paddy, looked black!

    LOL...LOVES IT! :nuts:
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  2. What's Blow Out and what is a PCD? If they're showing B-bags, I wanna see too! ;)
  3. Blow Out is a show on Bravo starring this hairstylist guy Jonathan Anton (?)
  4. PCD is pussy cat dolls. His sister started them.

    She was carrying it. It's a reality show.
  5. Ohhhhhhhh.....thanks! I'll tune in next week. There are so many new reality shows now, I just can't keep up! I think I'll tune in next week. Side note: I saw the PCD at Pure in Vegas last summer. They were great!
  6. Wow, I would love to see them! I bet it's a great show!:nuts: I love that song...doncha wish your girlfriend was hot like me! doncha! it!
  7. Yes I saw it! I believe it was a City in taupe.
  8. We saw the PCD's at the premiere party for the 2nd Charlie's Angels movie. They were better than the movie. :P
  9. You're too cute, and thanks for getting that some in my head! :smile:
  10. I saw that too! Do you think the color was this season?
  11. i like the bags.
  12. i missed that episode.. but i love the show..haha it's so funny
  13. :nuts: :nuts: too funny, pseub!

    USCgerl, I love that song. They play that in my aerobics class! We all go wild!
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