Bbag Newbie Needs Help & Suggestions!! TIA!!

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  1. hello!

    this is my first BBAG post over in this forum. i'm usually over at the LV one but i've *always* wanted BBAG since forever now. i finally have decided to pull the plug but need your help please!

    i am in :heart: w/ the vert gazon color as green is my fave color but am not familiar with all the BBAG styles and which bag vert gazon comes in.

    i am looking for a really nice roomy large shoulder bag, preferably single strap if possible and a zippered top.

    which style(s) would you all suggest? and where is the best place to get one at? i live in los angeles where there isn't a balenciaga boutique. is it easy to order one from the nyc store? my budget is around $1500 or less and i would really appreciate it if you all can help a bbag newbie like me. :smile:

    TIA bbag lovers!! :flowers:
  2. Well from what you described I think you should look into the Part Time (2 handles that are big enough to go over your shoulder), New Hobo style and the Day. Good Luck locating one and on your soon to be 1st Bbag!!!
  3. I think you should get VG Day! It sounds exactly like what you are looking for. If you can, get it with GH!
  4. thank you MRG! i looked into all the styles and am really leaning towards the Day.

    thanks lordguinny!! yes, i think the Day would work perfectly for me. size, shape and color!

    do either one of you or anyone else have suggestions as to where i can find this bag? is it limited and hard to find? please help! thanks!!
  5. Yeah, VG was very popular this season so you might have to call all over to find one.
  6. OOOh, cheater! LOL, I'm thinking about cheating too! One day, LOL.
  7. Cracker's Vert Gazon in the reference thread inspired ME to get GH period. And then I picked blue.

    Part time is huge-!!
  8. Thanks again MRG....I called around to at least 10 places today without much success on the Vert Gazon GH Day. But did order something else in the Vert Gazon color as I've given up hope on the GH Day. I'll show it on the forum once I receive the bag. :yahoo:

    :roflmfao: you found me!! and yes i'm cheating on louis!! you know my fave color is green so when i saw this season's Vert Gazon color in the balenciaga line, it was TDF and i had to have it. guess i may have to return the....fersen. Shhhhhhhh.

    ahhh, what happened to your ursula and all your LVs? have you gone over to Bbags now? :nuts: i have to say that i definitely considered the part-time bag today but couldn't find it in the GH. so i ordered another bag in the vert gazon w/ gh! i cannot wait to get it. i haven't been this excited in a long time re: a bag. hahahaha. love your aquamarine p/t though! gorgeous.
  9. Why are you being so coy about what you got? It's driving me nuts!! Ok, well I guess I can eliminate the Part Time and the Day ... so my guess is you got a ... VG GH City!!! :nuts:
  10. no, not being coy. just new to the bbag forum that's all. but you hit it on the head *ding ding ding* IS the VG GH City!!! i cannot wait to get it. :yahoo: you are good! ;)
  11. OH MY LORD- you are gonna have so much fun with that green GH bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    goatskin has personality IMO!

    Great pick BTW! and


    totally :busted I only have one LV------ my Batignolles Vertical------- :love:
  12. What?!?!?! OMG, not the Fersen again:wacko:. You're Loco chicka!
  13. ^-- who me? no never had Fersen- she's so puuurty though!
  14. Hi bbag lovers! Another newbie here. I was going to start a new thread but this topic is pretty close to my questions as well. So I'll just post in here.

    I am in love with the mint green colored bbag. I'm not sure what styles that color comes in but I like the styles of twiggy, part time or the city. I like medium-small sized bags but the first seems a bit too small. I too live in California where there is no Balenciaga boutique. :sad: I am planning on going to Taipei and will try my best to hit Hong Kong as well but I can't go on a vacation until my Winter Break in December. So what I am wondering is, approximately how long will they have that beautiful mint green color in their stores? I don't want to miss out on it. Do they even carry older season's colors anymore? Also, what is the price range for each of the styles I mentioned above? Is it similar to the prices on I'd like to see it in the flesh before buying. If anyone has any comments or suggestions on what to know about buying my first bbag, please advise! Thank you! ;)
  15. i'm new to this b-bag fourm... can someone please educate me on the different sizes B-bag offers?! i'm very interested in putting my hands on one! but all these different sizing talks is driving me insane! thanks in advance b-bag lovers!
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