bbag new years resolutions....

  1. any one have any? mine is to only buy 1 next year... only one!:shame:
  2. ME too... JUST one is good enough :biggrin:
  3. Uhm... I guess I'm greedy or something.. I'm limiting myself to one a season and NO MORE! Hopefully, I can stick to it this year.
  4. Hmm... it's going to be TWO for 2007 since I really want the black City and the cobalt City! :shame:
  5. I am hoping to buy at least two in 2007 but if I get only one, I'm happy!
  6. LOL hehehehe, ummm - hope to pick up a couple while I'm visiting Canada... hehehehe!!!
  7. just one a season at most.....
  8. A couple? :nuts: Go HelenNZ!! :wlae:
  9. I'm only allowed to get a Weekender or an 03 Blue bag. No more!!

    Nothing in 07 particularly strikes my fancy.
  10. I want to find a calcaire twiggy or box next year and that's it.But I do have another designer bag on my wish list: Chanel reissue black with silver hardware.
    I bought so many bags this year that I just have 2 bags for 2007, DH will love it:yes:
  11. I think one per season sounds like a reasonable resolution. Yep, I am going to go with that.
    That doesn't include accessories, right?:confused1:
  12. ^lol im hopefully going to buy a few bbags from past seasons im on the lookout for any 04 lilac piece
  13. Well I usually go completely and utterly over the top on b-bags every season but this season I am going to try real hard to limit myself to just three - a Grass Green First (which I have already), a Cafe City and a First in either Anthracite or French Blue...... I'm really going to try this season :yes: :angel:
  14. Can you post a photo of the grass green first??? Where did you get it? Sounds beautiful:yahoo:

  15. Mine is more a wish than a resolution: I hope to find some older bags that are on my wish list. And the actual resolution would be to save up for it before I buy rather than charge it.