Bbag lovers in VC CA...

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  1. Hello...

    I hardly see anyone carrying Bbag here in Ventura County CA? Anyone out there?

    I just purchased my second Bbag :love: from Real Deal Collection (Thanks Corey!) and will post pictures later after work. :yahoo:
  2. Welcome - yes, Corey is a doll isn't she!! I've bought 3 bags from here and have one on layaway! I live in Ventura for 6 months years ago - gorgeous area! I live in N. Cal now - hope you see some Bal's out and about - I live in the burbs of the Bay Area and never see them out here. Mostly fake LV's;)
  3. Hi, I am near you in T.O.
    I never see any real Bals only fake ones at the Hair Salon! I love this area , it's soooo beautiful and the weather is great! I am just starting to plant stuff and my roses are opening up nicely.
    Post pics when you get a chance of your Bals!
  4. Hi there neighbor! I'm in southern VC, Oak Park... And no! I very rarely see bbags here. Since I became obsessed, about a year ago, I've seen one real black Day Bag, and one fake white City. It was exciting!

    Once I carried my rt City into a local consignment store, and asked if she would be interested in selling it for me. She had no idea what it was, and couldn't believe what I thought it was worth! Needless to say I had to ebay it.

    It's lonely out here Sista! :shrugs:
  5. Yes! now I feel the :love: I've seen fakes but nothing compare to the ones that we have. Hope I will bump into you chloebagfreak and Conni618 someday and will have a Bal party :yahoo:.

    Suzzeee - yes Corey is so wonderful! I have one bag right now and its on layaway I can't wait to get by next month (maybe). Yes is still lovely out here.

    I will post pics later ...