Bbag lovers..i need your help! :)

  1. Hi !
    I was a LV girl..but..i'm falling in love with Balenciaga now!!:drool:
    I'm pretty sure my favourite bag is the City,not too small,not to big..(but i love Twiggy and the Day too!)
    I've some questions..i hope you can answer me!:smile:
    1-is the City(in general ,bbag ) too much delicate?
    I don't want a bag that i 've to care about it too much..
    I've a LV and I am a little bit paranoid!
    don't expose it to the sun,don't use it in the rain,don't touch it if your hand are humid..
    Now I really want an a "every day-every season-every climatic situation-Bag":yes:
    is it possible that the city is the right choose?is it resistant and sturdy?

    2-I've read in some posts that the color of the bag sometimes fade ..the dark colors fade too?
    Can the color of the bag blot my clothes?

    3-if the bag takes the rain..i've read that some of you don't care about that..but some of you prefear do not use it when it damages can the rain produce?

    4-in how much time the handless became dark?:s

    5-thanks to south-of-france i know that i can put an A4 block notes in the the city a good work bag?(i've to put inside documets,pen etc..)

    Ok...The interrogation is ended!;) you advise me to buy a City(or another bbag) if i want a long-lasting ,usefull , resistant and not too much delicate bag?!

    Thank you so much to every one..and...sorry for my English!:s:sweatdrop:

    Have a nice week end:heart:
  2. hi and welcome. I love both brands too! I've only had experience with dark Bbags - they are definately much more carefree than new vachetta!!!

    Dark and bright bags can fade, light bags can fade and yellow, and dark handles can occur - but mine are still too new to see these effects. I've never treated any of my bags, many gals here do though - see care section.

    My favorite styles are the Work, Day and City. If you are used to a speedy, you would get used to a city very quickly - although I think a speedy 30 would hold much more just because of the shape.

    Of course the colors and leathers are AWESOME! And LV accessories look fantastic inside!
  3. Thank you so much Brunettetiger !
    I'm happy to read this: "I've only had experience with dark Bbags - they are definately much more carefree than new vachetta!!!";)

    New vacchetta make me mad!!!:sweatdrop:
  4. Personally, I am always very careful and paranoid with my Bbags (all city style). I do not set them on floors, do not carry them in the rain, and am very careful not to scrape them against anything etc... which of course, is kind of a distraction. For me, $1000.00 + for a bag is a lot of money, and I want them to last and look good.

    I just purchased an anthra city that I am planning on using as an "everyday" bag, so I guess I will have to relax a bit......

    DH says why buy them if you are afraid to carry them, and if one gets ruined we will just buy a new one :love:.....still, it is hard for me to not worry about them.
  5. My Boyfriend say the same things!!And I 'm like you with my bag!!;)
  6. Hi dreamss and welcome to the BBag madness :p
    I think our lovely balgals have answered a lot of ur questions but I'll just share my experience too..
    When I first started buying BBags I was very afraid to wear them because of the soft gorgeous leather(MUCH more than my LV speedys btw. ) but soon noticed that they can take more than u think..I never OVERabbuse them but started to wear them almost everyday, no matter which weather there is(unless HEAVY rainfalls,thunderstorms ,blizzards which CAN occur here in Vienna sometimes hehe)
    Light rain hasn't hurt my bbags so far, allthough at lighter bags it looks weird at first cause water leaves tiny dark spots that dry up after some time..
    When I first started I mostly wore my light grey and my caramel bag but right now I switched too darker colours(Black,olive,truffle) as everyday bags and use the others on special occasions or with special outfits..

    For work I usually used a City and allthough A4 fits in it I got myself a work now , cause its just easier to fit paperworks and books in it(I'm a lil chaotic and "bigger" is almost always easier for me :smile: )
    I hope this helps a lil and u'll find ur perfect BBag soon..
  7. You might wan to consider the Day style as comfortable to carry and easier to manage than a city (with all its tassels and zippers and zipper ends hang out / tuck in blah blah). Also, the City is not really big enough for "work papers." If you don't like the hobo-ish style of the Day, then I would say the Work would be the one for you to consider (but it has no shoulder strap).
  8. Thanks for your opinion Oulaliscious !:smile:
  9. Thanks!
  10. Hi dreamss! I think you will love the Balenciaga bags for everyday use. Brunettetiger is absolutely right - with the balenciaga bags you needn't worry so much about getting water stains on your vachetta, uneven honeying of the leather, etc. I'm an LV lover myself but find myself grabbing my bbags over my LVs most days. I also find the balenciaga's easier to clean and keep clean (particularly compared to LV bags with vachetta bottoms). The City weighs as much as a speedy 30 (very light!) and can accommodate just as much stuff as well.