BBag Leather question


Aug 4, 2006
I've had my grenat first for about a month now and I noticed that the more distressed parts of the bag has become more "crackily" and "scaly" looking than when I first got it. Is this pretty common with bbags? I don't mind the way it looks but I'm worried the top layer of the leather will start to peel off. Does that ever happen with bbags?


Life is a beach
Aug 8, 2006
Florida Keys
I think when they do this they need moisture. It will plump them right up. Leather can get dry and it is more likely to scratch. Some girls here don't do anything to their bags, I moisturize if they are dry. Think about how gross the leather on your car seats gets if you don't moisturize. Why should bags be any different? Some leather bags don't seem to need it, other do. The thicker the leather, the less likely they are to need heavy moisturizing. This is just my opinion others will have very different ideas. I use Apple conditioner when needed.
I doubt it will peel, but if gets too dry, it could get little cracks. I say feed that bag. :P


Aug 22, 2006
Dana Point, CA
:yes: Yup pp's got it right. I moisturize when necessary, and love how the bags look after. I use a combo of Cetaphil Cream and Glysomed Hand Cream warmed in my hands and massaged into the bag, avoiding the handles. These two creams have no scent and they are absorbed into the bag really well. I am sure other's have suggestions for different products they use. I am sure you will be surprised how much better the bag will look once it's not dry and cracking.


Dec 2, 2006
glysomed hand cream? REALLY?? That stuff is the greatest on hands, i never would have thought to use it on a bag! What is the end result like?