BBag Inventory @ NM Houston location

  1. I went to NM today in the Galleria in Houston just to see what Bbag they had. Here is the list:
    SGH Jaune Work
    SGH Violet Work
    SGH Violet Day
    SGH Sienna Day
    SGH Black Brief (had great slightly distressed leather)
    SGH Ivory Brief (great leather)
    SGH Ocean RTT (HUGE)
    SGH Cinnamon PT (beautiful)
    Rh Sapin or Emerald Work
    Rh White Brief
    Rh Ivory First (looked a little yellow)
    GGH Tomato Hobo
    GGH Mastic Hobo

    In my opinion Ivory is WAY prettier in the SGH than the Rh. And the RTT is really large so it would be really good for travel. The SA there told me they would be knowing what colors they are ordering for S/S '08 in Oct. sometime. Hope this list helps someone!!!
  2. Hmm. Neiman's really seems to have bought into the
    Giant Silver Hardware

    Thanks for taking the trouble to note the inventory and post it here!! :tup:

    P.S. I do not hear that GSH Day in Violet calling my name...nooo sir!!! ;)
  3. Were you there around 12ish carrying a purple first?
  4. No, I wish I saw someone with a purple first! I was there about 10:15 wearing a black dress and my Black Day. What did you go there to see?
  5. I went to check out the Day size. I'm interested in getting one but wasn't sure about the size. I tried out the Violet GSH Day. I like the size but not the hardware. I leaning more towards the Plomb RH Day.
  6. I saw that bag today as well. I was so close to taking the SGH Black Brief home today but it just seems so big on me.:confused1: Plomb sounds yummy!