BBag in New York

  1. In an effort to do my part to create "traffic" here. I'll start a thread....

    What BBag should I take to New York in May??

    Black City
    Green Day
    Vermillion City

    OR buy a NEW one?? If so what should I buy?

  2. Well - that's a tough yet easy question to answer!

    If you can swing it - I'd buy a new one!! That'll make the trip extra exciting!

    Otherwise - mmm... I'd go with either the black city or the green day!
  3. May? Buy an aquarmine, natural or white. You can never go wrong with a white City. The prefect bbag. If you don't buy a new one, green or red. Save the black for winter. :smile:
  4. I would take the Vermillion city. You'll run into a lot of people carrying a black city. Plus it's New York City....time to be bold.

    Check out the French Blue (my new personal favorite) and Verte Gazon when you go to the store.
  5. I was about to say the same as Incoralblue. Be bold....French Blue or Verte Gazon most definately!!!! If you can't buy take the Vermillion city.
  6. buy a new one
  7. I say, black city!
  8. Take your black City and then swing by BalNY and buy a new one!!! So you'll go home with 2 bbags! Now isn't that sweet?! :wlae:
  9. i say, Vermillion City
  10. Buy a new one. French Blue City or Aquamarine Day. They are lovely colours!
  11. Irissy, what a great idea! :yes: Going to NY affords the opportunity to peruse the selection of bags in person. I don't think that I could leave without buying at least one!
  12. i agree with Irissy! :yes::yes::yes:
  13. Bring ya Vermillion City for colour, and then as Irissy suggested, shop in NY for a new Bbag! :yes:
  14. Thanks everyone.

    OK if I leave the black home...what do I take?......

    I have the Vert Gazon Day GH and the Vermillion City. So of the two which should I take?
  15. Vermillion City!!