Bbag help

Hi everyone!

I'm pretty new to the forum and have so many questions about bbags before I make that decision to purchase one. I really want one right now but have no idea what years are good for the leather and what colors come in the earlier years. I know that I want a city bag but don't know where to get a earlier year or would it be ok to get one from 06 or wait for 07.

HELP me if you can!!!

Thanks....hopefully with your help I can get a bbag that I will totally love!
Hi! welcome to the forum :smile:
This website is a great place to start - from color swatches from various seasons to different styles to authenticity questions.
The next step, I think, is to figure out what would be the best color for your needs - maybe a neutral black, maybe a louder color, maybe a caramel or white - it's different for everyone.
Please consider yourself warned that most people's appreciation of Balenciaga doesn't stop at 1 bag... so your wallet will suffer!
Still when buying the first bag I think it's best to consider which one you would be happiest if you could only have 1...
good luck! and post all authenticity questions to the Authenticate This sticky...
For older bags, ebay is pretty much your best option but do so at your own risk... lots of fakes nestled in between the authentic ones. If you like squishy velvety soft leather, anything before Fall 2005. I think Fall 2005 was when the leather started to change. In 2006, the leather was really veiny for spring. This fall, the leather is returning to something less than veiny and I've only heard positive things so far about the 2007 leather. is an EXCELLENT source for color guides, spring 2007 color news, leather variations, places to purchase authentic b-bags, etc. The site is put together by one of our very best tPFers.


EDIT: Yes, what slinks said!
For older bags, you would have to risk Ebay. I would check in the Achtung section for bags that are being sold by PFers. Or you can always ask the lovely ladies in then Authenticate this Bbag section.

Good Luck =)

I seem to want everything. For sure I want a city, a part time, a first....and probably many more. I also need the matching make up bags and wallets...haha.

now the hard part is deciding the colors, i for sure want a black, a grey, maybe a red but not sure which colors look best on which styles.

do they make up and wallets come in every color or only certain colors?