Bbag Help! What should I buy??

  1. Hello all!
    I have decided to buy my very first Balenciaga!
    I just can't decide between a Brief, City or a Hobo!
    I want something big since I have a baby boy and have to lug around a lot but I don't want it to overpower me.
    I am 115lbs slim build and 5'3".
    Some input from all you wonderful experienced bbag buyers would be greatly appreciated !
    Thanks in advance!
  2. I have a GH Brief and I :heart: mine to death.

    It's a good everyday bag and can fit perfectly on my shoulder. (I'm 115 lbs. and 5'4"). It's so versatile, light weight and roomy.
  3. Oooh ..thanks soo you have any pics?
  4. hmm... have you considered the part time? its like a wider version (more east west style) of the city with a longer shoulder strap so you can wear it messenger style too... the city while is great, the shoulder straps just not long enough IMO esp if you're a busy mum! the day and brief is great and can wear the handles over the shoulder but... I think for a mum, the PT is great coz of the shoulder strap...

    HTH... good luck!
  5. LOL now I'm more confused....:sweatdrop:
  6. I would say the Brief and the Hobo would be best because they are primarily a shoulder bag and are bigger then the City. But I am 5'4 and I feel like the Brief is a little big looking on me and I like big bags. I really want to try one though. Have you thought about the Day and PT?
  7. I say the City. I think it's the perfect size!
  8. I love my hobo. It's actually very roomy and slings over the shoulder easily.
  9. The brief's opening might not make grabbing necessities easy if you happen to have your hands full at the moment. I think the parttime is a great idea because of the versatile shoulder strap. I love the day style, but you do have to rummage for things. I guess it depends on what you need the bad to do, do you want it to open satchel-like and you can see everything in there, or do you have no problem sticking your hand in and feeling for your wallet, keys, makeup, etc?