Bbag help. What do you think?

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Help me decide

  1. Sell my indigo twiggy and buy the ink city

  2. keep my indigo and buy the ink city

  3. Forget the whole idea!!

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  1. I have an 05' Indigo Twiggy, but am dying for an Ink City:wacko: Would you sell the indigo and get the city, keep the indigo and buy the ink or just hold off completely?
  2. sis I'll keep the indigo!!!!;) :love: or sell it to me? hahahaah LOL:lol:
  3. I have the ink city, and I love it! I also have the rouge twiggy, and I love that! If you have the funds, I say get the Ink city for now, and then sell the Indigo if you TRULY don't love it anymore. =)
  4. Oh no, you are seriously considering selling twiggy for the ink? If you are still going nuts, I say sell it and get the ink city! But you already know how I feel about keeping both. And you know how much I LOVE mine!
  5. I love how Twiggy looks; but, I love how City carries.

    I say go for the City - they are so practical, and the ink color is really growing on me.
  6. Is the INDIGO city made of the old leather (pre-fall '05)? If so, I'd say keep it for sure! That color is fabulous and the leather (if it's the soft/thick old leather) is to die for.
  7. Actually its the 05' indigo twiggy and the leather is sooooo wonderful!
  8. Keep the Twiggy and buy the City ;) ! If you've both in your hands you can decide if you would like to sell the Twiggy :idea:
  9. ^ If you really love the leather, then keep the indigo and buy the city! :biggrin:
  10. Get both! I love my ink City. If you stop using your Twiggy, you can always find a home for it later.
  11. INK, INK, INK:love::lol::lol::lol:
  12. Keep Both!!:nuts:

    When you have both together you can decide which one you love more. Iether one you decide to get rid of (if you even decide that!) I'm sure will be easy to sell because they are both desirable colours
  13. Too funny!:lol:
  14. Could someone tell me the color differences between the indigo and the ink. I have never seen an ink IRL. Are they totally alike?
  15. They're really not alike at all, the ink is more on the purple-black side, really gorgeous - an indigo, obviously you have seen is a true deep indigo! I say if you have to choose.. keep the indigo (or sell it to amour! hehe)