Bbag Handle Care for Aussies?

  1. Hi all,

    I've recently bought my first Bbag and would like to ask the experts how to protect the handles from darkening, particularly the whipstitching?? Too scared to really start using my bag until I get this sussed out, so at the moment am just eyeing it longingly whenever I walk past it...:girlsigh:...

    Is spraying with Waproo or something similar enough? Soooo cruel we don't have a dedicated handle protectant product like in America! How RUDE!! :rolleyes:

    Thanks a chicky out so she can start using her new Bbag!!! :yahoo:
  2. i know - it sucks ... the shipping for the apple products is horrendous! Like $45 or something! The only thing i can think is asking a US buddy of mine to send the products ... sigh. I feel like ive spent all this money on these bags and now i need to spend more! :p