Bbag, good for nights out? What do you use yours for?

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  1. Hi everyone! Well Ive decided I need a new shoulder bag, that will be good for the day and night! I have a fendi spy, great for day but a no no for the night:yes: I have not found anything I love from LV so I was wondering if you Bbag girls take your babys out when you go out. Say for partying? Do you think this is a good idea?
    Thanks for your help, I just want a multi purpose bag that I can use for all occasions, could a Bbag in the first answer my questions???:p
    And if anyone has got pics, with your Bbags when your out partying, I would really appreciate it xx
  2. for partyin, i will use my first black (this size is perfect for all my stuffs), whereas for black city, i can use for any occasions such as work, out with frnds, go shoppin, etc
  3. I recently purchased a Red first for nights out! I love it!
  4. I just bought a vert gazon clutch for nights of fun! I am too paranoid about my cities getting spilled on to use them though.
  5. i use mine for everything. nights out as well. unless i'm clubbing, then i wear something tiny -- i haven't found a bbag tiny/carefree enough to suit my clubbing needs.
  6. since getting my black box about a month ago, it's been out on nights out about 12 times i'd say. it's perfect for clubbin, parties, etc, because i can wear it comfortably on my shoulder dancing whereas the city is a bit big for that... the only thing is, it's got a bit of cigarette ash and beer spills... nothing permanent though
  7. Last night i was out at a bar/club for a show and dancing and took my Anthracite first! Works great and because it's a dark colour i don't have to worry about it like my other Bbags.
  8. A First would be great for a night's out.
  9. I don't know if I'd take my Vert out with me or not. Even though smoking isn't allowed inside clubs in Bermy anymore, I ALWAYS manage to get a drunk person spilling a drink on me :cursing: So I don't think I'd take her. Maybe if I had a black one.. *maybe*
  10. Bbags are great for any occasion. I usually use a first or clutch for nights out.
  11. For nights out barhopping/clubbing, I would use a small bag, like the LV accessories pouch or the Fendi small envelope. If it was a nice dinner with no clubbing afterwards, the First is great.
  12. i take my city everywhere.. night out,shopping, work.. EVERYWHERE!!
  13. in theory, I think my Metallic Orange Shoulder would be the perfect bag for partying and clubbing, but I've only had normal use out of it because I'm paranoid about the hardware chipping: this is the unfortunate side-effect of the '04 holiday metallics, and my guess is that this is the reason why they never made them with painted hardware again!

    : )
  14. Same with me, Celia_Hish!:yes:
  15. Makeup clutches are perfect for nights out!!!