Bbag girls..whats your lifestyle? Do we live up to the name "Motorcycle"?

  1. We all love motorcycle bags...(most of us)

    What are we really like? Do we fit the "Motorcycle bag" lifestyle?

    List down your hobbies girls:

    Let me start, aside from my super duper love of purses, I am into Japanese pop songs, LOVE Prison Break and Reality TV. I prefer the casual streetstyle look .
  2. hahaha--noooo--I don't at all, but I sometimes like the look...
  3. I think my signature says it all....ha ha...BUT I think I am not your stereotypical biker chick. I am a devoted wife and mother, live a very clean lifestyle, and behave myself most of the time. I do like hard rock/alternative music, have 3 tattoos, and love riding on the back of our black Harley. Drooling over purses is my main hobby.
  4. I don't think of them as motorcycle bags. I sold my black City because my fiance said it looked like a biker babe bag and didn't look like me. I am nothing like a biker chic.:p I'm more of a beach type girl and prefer the casual Florida Keys style clothing. Lots of whites, pinks, turquoise, khaki, etc.
  5. Pffft!! Not even close. I'm not sure how I'd classify myself in terms of style - casual city-girl I guess. Jeans, boots and (of course) gorgeous handbags.
  6. No, not at all! Don't know how to drive a motorcycle, and don't think I'd be interested in least, not now. Pretty much a city girl during the day (more SF dress sense than DC blue-blazer-and-khaki-I-work-on-the-Hill), kind of a hippie chick in the evenings and weekends. DYING to get a tattoo on my left hip. :smile:
  7. Me too !
    I do triathlons so I spend A LOT of time outside training !
  8. No... i don't think so :biggrin:

    I'm quite casual & like to be different... but i'm not a biker chic though, i don't think i look like one either!
  9. I am FAR from being a biker chick...and I do not own any black B-bags.

    36 year old single mom to a 5 year old mildly Autistic boy; my style is casual "80s prep" cause I work from home (lots of jeans, cashmere sweaters and Tretorns :p ); we like to travel; I love 80s pop (Prince/U2/George Michael...trying to get tickets to The Police reunion concert:jammin: ) and 80s-early 90s hip hop.
  10. We're self employed engineering consultants and live very normal non biker lives here in La Jolla. But my husband has a motorcycle and I have my moto license as well but I don't look like a cruiser biker chick as I wear sport bike type protective gear when riding not leathers and we have a standard bike. I have never used my ink city on the bike. I am getting a bike of my own eventually but have not had any compelling reason to get one just yet since we live by the beach and don't have a lot of time to ride the bike we already have due to work and travelling. Most purses are impractical for riding although I do have one which I had the handles fitted exactly to my back to stay in place or it stays in the carrier behind me.
  11. im a musician(singer) for contemporary urban style is pretty normal except for stagetime were I tend to go crazy:jammin:
    so no bike so far..but who knows..hehe
  12. as for motorcycle. i love riding on them, not driving though, i can't even ride a bike.
    but my style's pretty much boho eclectic, i like to mixed up and layered.
    i'm working in creative field, and i'm kinda tomboy, i love to dress up in pretty dress but always add something up to make it look more independent and not a "sweet girl" look.
    i smoke, a LOT... but i don't drink (i have allergy with alcohol actually :p)
    i don't like country music or pop, but i love brit pop, or something from bjork, tori amos, sigur ros.
    i LOVE boots, flat slouchy boots.
  13. don't do motorcycles, 4 wheelers but no motorcycles. my style is casual.....jeans, layered tops, a lot of anthropologie tops and flats, boots. My favs are my new ribbon slippers from anthropologie and my olive frye lace up boots. I've got 3 boys so I need to run around a lot. My favorite thing to do besides obsess about bags is design tropical landscapes........most of the time I'm getting dirty so in that case, I wear a lot board shorts.
  14. :smile: Good question.

    I am a twenty-something wife, no kids. Met my husband in college who was into sport bikes, and taught me how to ride sport bikes, dirt bikes, & scooters... I am still a girlie girl 100%, but have my M class license. Mostly wear jeans... alot of v-neck sweaters this time of year & pointy toe boots. We both listen to mainly techno or groups like The Killers, not sure what kind of music that is.

    We love to ride on a semi-sport bike SV650 now (sold the CBR after our college days), and also own dirt bikes & a Yamaha Zuma scooter. We mainly enjoy going to AMA races & watching Moto GP ( GO NICKY!~), but we aren't what you would typically consider "bikers", we are professionals (engineer & MBA student) that just happen to like have fun on a bike every now and again. Its a great past time for us, and how we met.

    I'm drawn to Bal more because of the style of the bags & gorgeous colors then anything to do with an association with "motorcyles"...
  15. Not a biker chick at all here... although I have ridden dirt-bikes in my younger days!

    I'm fairly casual... jeans, tops and lovvvvvvve my dresses...

    Personally for me, I can carry a Bal with ANYTHING, because I think they are an attraction in their own right...

    I like to go walking with my dog, love filming and editing random events, love my music and I love shopping and just bumming around... and of course, having drinks in my spa with friends!

    I'm very easy-going and pretty much up for anything (as long as my Balenciaga can come!)