Bbag girls - it's time to LOVE yourself!

  1. Yesterday I was at work and a colleague started totally bagging herself because she had put on weight from her pregnancy and not been able to get it off... although this lady had many other fantastic qualities - she was getting so down about this one hurdle she was dealing with...

    This is just one of the many things I hear women beating themselves up about all of the time...

    It's time that we women love ourselves more!

    I want each PF'er to list at least one thing they love about themselves...

    Whether it be appearance-wise or skin deep - say it out loud in this thread and make yourself feel good.

    And... because I started this thread, I will go first!


    * My big green eyes
    * My ability to get along with people from all walks of life
    * My fashion sense :yahoo: (thanks Balenciaga...)
  2. I am the very best wife/mom/daughter/sister/friend/aunt that I can possibly be.

    I know who I am and what I like and I make no apologies for it.

    My blue eyes and curly hair, which my daughter also has.
  3. what a fun thread!

    I love my dimples!
  4. Good, the ball is rolling!

    * I'm 6 feet tall
    * My eyes ;)
  6. I think this is a great idea! Everyone always seems to focus on the negative. If you change the way you think you will be happier!
    Things I Love About Me:
    1. Big Green Eyes
    2. Curly brown hair
    3. I'm very emotional (sometimes can be bad but mostly a positive because I really take things to heart!)
  7. Same here... I am quite an emotional person, but I think its because I am very caring and I worry about others a lot!
  8. Ooh, you're so right. I've been so stressed lately and down that this is a good way to think!

    Things I love about me:
    1. very intelliegent
    2. great fashion sense
    3. very considerate to others

    Thanks for listening!
  9. I love that I have my health and am able to do triathlons:yahoo:
  10. this is a perfect thread! I just broke up with my boyfriend last THursday and have been kinda here are three things i love about my self:

    1. my impossibly high cheekbones (thanks dad)
    2. have great fashion sense (and going to school for it!)
    3. i have the greatest unconditional love for my family and my dog, and they know it.

    oh and wait

    4. I have a great ahem bustline

    woohoo thanks girls.
  11. Good idea fashion-cult!
    Things I love about me:
    1) I look much younger than my age
    2) My loyalty
    3) My sensitivity
    4) My adaptablility
  12. 1) I have great morals, strong ethics and make great decisions
    2) I have great fashion sense that friends envy (although they have NO idea what a bbag is)
    3) I have AWESOME hair! :p
    4) I am tall with nice broad shoulders

    Oh wait, thats four... Have I gone to far :nuts: Thanks, that felt good!
  13. I tried to think of good things to say about myself, but closed the window without posting three times:crybaby:

    I am in the final stages of applying to a phd program & am feeling even more insecure than usual:cursing:
  14. Fashion - what a great thread! You're awesome! [​IMG]

    Well, I like to think that besides being generous with myself (everyday is like Christmas for me :nuts: ) , I'm generous with my loved ones as well.

    Robyn - Good luck! :flowers:
  15. Well thanks :rolleyes:

    I'm really enjoying reading everyones responses...