BBAG there a bbag that ...

  1. I can carry on the shoulder and messenger style???

    Thanks everyone!
  2. I believe the Part-Time can be worn both ways...
  3. there is the old style hobo...there is one up on eBay right now (mimi's) can find it in achtung...I LOVE this style...It has a very long adjustable strap
  4. there's a hobo/messenger...
  5. ^^^ yes there is also a men's messenger that is basically a day with a super long strap....i have tried that on but feel that it hangs a bit funnily (for women at least) .. I prefer the older hobo messenger style NG designed....I have two of those.
  6. varsha - I can't seem to locate the thread that your speaking of.....hmmmmm who started the thread?
  7. Part Time! I always carry it messenger style or on the shoulder.
  8. Thanks Varsh!!!

    is there anything kind of in like a city/work design but with just longer straps...?
  9. ^^^ You're welcome!

    I WISH there was a city/work with a longer strap...i would love that versatility..I've even asked bal ny about it...but they don't have a longer strap...a solution I can think of it buying a longer strap that you like (non BAL) and attaching it to your bag ...that would work for a first or a city since they have the round loops...
  10. missv, are you looking for a strap that will fit across the chest? if so the flat messenger like varsha suggested or the courrier. if you just want a bag that fits comfortable on the shoulder, then the day bag. also, the city, part-time, and twiggy have shoulder straps as well as handles. good luck on your decision.
  11. estile: I kinda wanted a work/city size bag with long enough straps to carry it as a messenger..........i guess i should stop imagining thanks everyone for the help!
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